Free fashion doll clothes patterns: Vampire halloween costume!

As promised, the winner of the Halloween costume poll gets a pattern!

The winner is… VAMPIRES!

 photo halloweenpatternvampirefashiondoll.jpg

This is part 1 of 3 (+extra 4 for accessories may appear later in the month) Other parts will be published during weekend!
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Wanted to go for a more traditional, Victorian / Dracula / hammer horror movies inspired vampire costume for fashion dolls.

The costume patterns are for the cape, mermaid/vampire skirt and corset!

The corset top has three sizes, one for the traditional 11inch wasp waist doll, modern barbie doll and monster high size.

The skirt is barbie size, but can be fitted for smaller figures if you take in the seams.

The cape is pretty much universal, but you may wish to cut the neckline a little smaller for tiny dolls.
If you want a slightly longer cape, you can print the Witch cape pattern from last year!

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 photo Vampirepatternforfashiondoll.jpg

 photo Vampireskirtforfashiondoll.jpg

Prints are originally A4, print out at 100% with no margin, and match the scale with your ruler to see that they are printed right. On letter size the image might leave edges un-printed  let me know if that is a big problem or you have trouble printing – I can offer IT support with windows 7, mac/linux/win8 unfortunately I’ve got no idea how they work but you can still ask, I’m good with google xD

I know the back edge of the skirt is to the edge, so please add a few mm to that when cutting. The cape, if you want pointed edges, then cut them pointy, the original pattern didn’t quite fit A4

The corsets are also very close to the edge, to save paper… so please let me know if it’s hard to use or bled over your papter really badly and I try to make a corset only pattern sheet (I probably will anyway, some day, but will make ASAP if this one is problematic for others to print)

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