Etsy 40 free listings promo for new shops

Thinking of opening an etsy handmade, vintage or a supply shop? Earn 40 free listings ( normally $.20 per listing) doing so through my promo link:

On another note, the halloween costume poll looks like a tie between vampire and pirate! Have you taken part yet?




Handmade fashion doll clothing available on ebay (July)

Handmade Fashion doll clothes on ebay - monster high marie antoinette dress, Fashion Royalty doll clothing, Barbie dress

Handmade Fashion doll clothes on ebay – monster high marie antoinette dress, Fashion Royalty doll clothing, Barbie dress 

Some of the latest things patterned for fashion dolls – on sale at ebay

Summer dress for barbie size playscale doll, monster high doll dresses including marie antoinette style fashion, and the newest doll size I now offer: Fashion Roaylty (6th scale) here a classic two piece silk dress, and a shirt that is made from very thin/sheer material I have to handstitch to make delicate… They’re up for another 4 days; open for taking custom orders as well 🙂

Pineapple jewelry

Pineapple jewelry

I buy a lot of earrings, and I make a lot of earrings… These are so far the best pineapple charms I’ve encountered (well, if you don’t count silversmith handmade pendants, but those are way out of my league), they are 3D and their “bad” side is only slightly different from the right side. Also, I’m so happy to have found cute round anchor charms, because as much as I love wearing anchor earrings, I’ve lost so many because those pointy edges get stuck into hair, scarves… but these won’t have the same problem 🙂
Available here, also without anchors (and if you’d rather have just anchors, just message):

Smartphone / Cellphone covers & matching scarf

Smartphone covers - no more fractured screens!

Smartphone covers – no more fractured screens!

Padded cellphone covers to save the delicate screen from breaking when in handbag, or pocket.

Butterfly scarf - hippie style head band, african head wrap...

Butterfly scarf – hippie style head band, african head wrap…

Also, made matching scarf for the butterfly case! That fabric was a bit out of my budget, but when I saw it in the store I just had to have it… The blue is quite flattering to many skin colors, it suits the pale skin and will most likely look just as awesome after tan. And it’s bright enough to look nice on a darker skin as well.
I’ve been trying to master the african head wrap with the help from youtube. I get sun stroke easily in summer before getting some tan, and I’m tired of baseball caps… I love big straw hats, but it’s windy in the coast so it’s next to impossible wearing them. Maybe a head scarf is the answer, this style is especially flattering and feminine:

Large retro style tote bag

upcycled tote

Large beach tote bag, shopping bag, diaper bag… recycled / upcycled retro feel berry / beach striped tote

This fabric yelled summer tote when encountered it in the yard sale! It used to be a curtain, but seemed like it hadn’t been on windows for too long, it is very good condition, quite heavy weight cotton but not as stiff as canvas. The lining is also recycled (see more photos clicking the link on photo), but that even had tags still on. They were slightly pricier than what I usually pay for second hand materials, but I think so nice it was worth it 🙂