A Hello Long Overdue

And sorry it’s been a while… a huge while I’ve been ill. I don’t think I can yet be fully back, but I will try to restore some of the presence little by little. Even got that little MD BJD Mei hoping she’d inspire some new sewing as well, being slightly bigger than fashion dolls to hopefully enabling slightly easier sewing projects to start with again.

Instagram however isn’t helping me at all, it doesn’t seem to work even the little it worked before (they don’t like windows 8.1 phones it seems) and they actually blocked me from using their help page when I tried to find help to that issue 😦 The attitude of instagram/facebook group never ceases to amaze me…

So yes, I will mostly try to work on blog here and my inspiration tumblr.  And maybe just maybe one day doing another video tutorial.

Thank you for sticking with me!


Halloween dolls – which costume patterns / tutorials to make?

Just a reminder, the poll is still up – the winner costume will be made into a playscale fashion doll pattern & tutorial, in time for Halloween!


Halloween costumes are fun! And even more fun in miniature size, as dolls can dress up in Halloween costumes every day of the year if they want to 🙂

What are your favorite things to dress up as for halloween?
Take part in the poll (you can choose three) and/or Comment here in the blog 🙂

Last year, I posted pattern for witch accessories to Barbie doll Witch costume for barbie doll

so maybe something else this year, but what? Even though mostly miniature patterns are published here, it is always possible to scale them up to life size, they will make a bit clumsy clothing but maybe that’s enough for costumes…

I’m asking this early, so that I can actually finish the pattern/ tutorial in time to also eave time for people to make them as well before Halloween.

police costume for barbie dollPolice woman costume for barbie doll… birthstone beauty barbie was perfect for the silly kiss-a-gram Amy…

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Things that are Trademarked – New mini blog about weird trademarks

We all understand Disney is a trademark. We understand  Bic Mac is a trademark. But who knew, that Goodnight and Bobcat are also trademarked! Yes, you might get in trouble with the lawyers by misspelling Good night in your item description for your hand made bed side lamp!

under the sea is trademarked. funnily enough, not by disney thingsthatarecopyrighted.tumblr.com

under the sea is trademarked. funnily enough, not by disney

After getting a little sad and frustrated reading a post in the Etsy forum, I decided to start a little blog about weird/silly/outrageous trademarks:


I am hoping it might shed a light to the issue with a comical way, nevertheless hopefully also educational, since this is one of the things (along with copyright infringement) that might get your new business shut down before it even started, just because you’d never would have guessed words like “monster” are already trademarked! Well, in some instances at least (or in the case of monster, quite a few already!)

The stories will be simplified and exaggerated a bit for comical purposes, but they will be based on true stories…

If you are the least bit interested in this issue, please follow and share the blog!

Have you encountered tricky situations with trademarks?

I have a dozen posts in the queue already, and many in the making. I am really hoping to gather more, based on your true stories! Guest submissions are allowed in the blog, you can also use the “Ask anything” form if you want to leave your story anonymously.

Obviously, you can leave your stories here as well (comments are published manually), just remember to let me know if for some reason you don’t want to get your comment published!

I am hoping to get stories concerning trademark, as it is less known compared to copyright,  but will welcome copyright and patent stories as well (as I just learnt that looped ribbons are patented? What?)

Whether you are the trademark holder, who learnt the hard way your trademark didn’t actually apply the way you wanted, you got ripped off by bigger or smaller companies, or you came up with an idea all by yourself and then learnt someone had already patented/trademarked that idea… Or, like me, learnt that you can’t use the common phrases like Under the Sea without getting flagged by the copyright holder…



Oh finally, I’m on Instagram! I’m awful at using smart phones, but I try to upload snapshots of stuff I make 😀

I didn’t yet find out how you can find people to follow with similar interests? I’d love to follow people who post cute pics, related to historical sewing, re-enactment, sailing, seaside, sewing, knitting, cosplay,everything handmade and crafted really from clothing to home decor and building… and dolls, miniatures, animals and any other cute and inspiring stuff…

So please comment if you know how to and if you have or know someone who posts stuff like that 🙂
And I guess I should mention that I do categorize gothic as “cute”… but I’m not a fan of gore or bloody horror, I’m more of the “oldskool” Dracula/ Baudelaire/ Poe gothic romantic 🙂