A Hello Long Overdue

And sorry it’s been a while… a huge while I’ve been ill. I don’t think I can yet be fully back, but I will try to restore some of the presence little by little. Even got that little MD BJD Mei hoping she’d inspire some new sewing as well, being slightly bigger than fashion dolls to hopefully enabling slightly easier sewing projects to start with again.

Instagram however isn’t helping me at all, it doesn’t seem to work even the little it worked before (they don’t like windows 8.1 phones it seems) and they actually blocked me from using their help page when I tried to find help to that issue 😦 The attitude of instagram/facebook group never ceases to amaze me…

So yes, I will mostly try to work on blog here and my inspiration tumblr.  And maybe just maybe one day doing another video tutorial.

Thank you for sticking with me!


Star Wars the Force Awakens – Rey custom repaint doll

– the long slumbering star wars fan in me. So, after crying over the wonderful The Force Awakens trailer, I took a brunette Barbie doll and tried to paint her as Rey.

Hey, hey. #starwarsrey #tfa #theforceawakens #cusrompainteddolls #fashiondolls #bb8 #starwarsbb8 #bb8droid #fashiondollrepaints #barbierepaint #customsyatwarsfigure #customreyfigure #starwarsepisodevii #imnoone #imadethis #dollrepaints #ooakdolls #dollsta

Not perfect, considering trying to transfer a generic barbie face, but if and when the actual Daisy Ridley face sculpts (oh how I wish for a doll and not some ugly action figures) appear, they would be so nice to repaint and most likely to gain nice resemblance. In the meantime, this Rey doll brightens up my day, waiting for the movie 🙂
And no, I don’t have tickets… I don’t have anyone to go with so I didn’t want to try to get opening night tickets for the fear my social anxiety might prevent me from going alone :/
And then there would be an empty seat at the opening. Not fair for the one who didn’t get a ticket.
It really has been that bad lately, I’ll just try covering my ears from gossip after opening and sneak in to see a day show some time soon…

bb8 droid papercraft found on papermau blog

//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsOkay had to snatch another pic.Hoping to continue her next week. #custombarbie #rey #daisyridley with #papercraft #droid #repaint #repainteddolls #bb8droid #bb8 #starwarstheforceawakens #starwarsepisodevii #starwarsrey #customdoll #customfigure #dollrepai
Made her clothes out of what ever I had at home at the time…  so not accurate (yet) but I think something she could wear.//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Free fashion doll clothes patterns: Vampire halloween costume!

As promised, the winner of the Halloween costume poll gets a pattern!

The winner is… VAMPIRES!

This is part 1 of 3 (+extra 4 for accessories may appear later in the month) Other parts will be published during weekend!
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Wanted to go for a more traditional, Victorian / Dracula / hammer horror movies inspired vampire costume for fashion dolls.

The costume patterns are for the cape, mermaid/vampire skirt and corset!

The corset top has three sizes, one for the traditional 11inch wasp waist doll, modern barbie doll and monster high size.

The skirt is barbie size, but can be fitted for smaller figures if you take in the seams.

The cape is pretty much universal, but you may wish to cut the neckline a little smaller for tiny dolls.
If you want a slightly longer cape, you can print the Witch cape pattern from last year!

Maybe tutorials for Halloween Accessories will be inspired, so please subscribe blog / merineiti youtube channelto not miss out  🙂


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Katniss Everdeen doll getting new clothes

First draft doll dress inspired by the dress in #thehungergames movie #fashiondolls #sewing #Katniss #Girlonfire #hungergames #katnisseverdeen #reddress #barbieFirst draft of the Girl On Fire dress, using what ever fabrics I had at home, so it is by all means not a screen accurate version… though doubt a barbie size would ever be… It lacks the tulle, as I only have white and fear if it is home dyed to red, it might stain the doll. Also wondering if the flames in the skirt tail should be made with glue and glitter (glitter, glitter everywhere) or maybe it’s possible to find f.ex. nail art pieces that would work.

It is Katniss Everdeen doll. Can’t wait repainting her, and doing something with her hair, the goddess headsculpt .is so pretty!

Second version of Mockingjay costume is in progress, (real feathers, or fabric?) and I think I’ll also make the light blue reaping dress, it is quite pretty in it’s simplicity.

Handmade fashion doll clothing available on ebay (July)

Handmade Fashion doll clothes on ebay - monster high marie antoinette dress, Fashion Royalty doll clothing, Barbie dress

Handmade Fashion doll clothes on ebay – monster high marie antoinette dress, Fashion Royalty doll clothing, Barbie dress 

Some of the latest things patterned for fashion dolls – on sale at ebay http://www.ebay.com/usr/merineiti

Summer dress for barbie size playscale doll, monster high doll dresses including marie antoinette style fashion, and the newest doll size I now offer: Fashion Roaylty (6th scale) here a classic two piece silk dress, and a shirt that is made from very thin/sheer material I have to handstitch to make delicate… They’re up for another 4 days; open for taking custom orders as well 🙂

18th century clothes for playscale / Barbie dolls

Barbie / Ken clothing made by m
hese I made maybe 4 years ago, today I have tweaked doll patterns, and managed to get a little better at miniature sewing.

Next week, I am working on a commission of making  some historical style clothing for both male and female playscale dolls, patterned new bodices and even a pannier (side cage) for a Barbie to be able to achieve the famous wide Rococo dresses!

If interested in dolls and/or historical fashion in miniature, stay tuned 🙂
Depending how long the making of takes and whether I start enjoying hand stitching, I might start making more commissions or put doll clothing to Etsy in the future

Video Tutorial: How to sew Marie Antoinette dress for Monster High doll

The pattern is in previous post Free Rococo dress pattern for monster high doll

The tutorial for fashion doll skirt in this post.

Feel free to comment and ask questions, English is not my first language so there may be mistakes.