Time Management for people without bosses

I didn’t find a job or an internship for the summer, so basically un-employed now…

Ugh, anyway, no time to feel sad, on the contrary this means I have all the time for myself! Which means, the Ultimate Task of managing your own time.

Time management. Essential skill to any freelance and self-employed (and un-employed…). How to make the most of your time, when there’s no one watching after you, and you have the freedom to spend the whole day in your pajamas, watching Netflix if you want to?

When you don’t have a rigid lunch hour set for you, some days you might forget to eat or take breaks… or, you might take breaks too often, leaving you working the night away when you accidentally fell into the rabbit hole of tumblr and youtube during the day.

I found this handy tool Free College Schedule Maker .

Featured image

Scheduling… Don’t have much going on right now, a few projects I need to finish – I scheduled them in the mornings as that is the most efficient time for me. I am hoping to update youtube channel more often, so I scheduled in computer time. Also, scheduled Internet time in the lazy afternoon, so as not to waste the creative morning hours into Internet stuff. Emails can wait a few hours, I’m not a stock broker…

Don’t let the name “College” fool you, it works for any kind of schedule, whether you need to schedule time to study, or to make a time sheet for your freelance or other work. You can fill in tasks, and choose which days and hours you wish to work for certain tasks. You can set those rigid lunch and coffee breaks in there as well… Everything can be color coded.

You can print out your schedules, or if you’re on a computer all the time, then maybe use your schedule as a desktop image, to remind you what you’re supposed to be doing? You can also save the schedule in the site’s own format, so you can go back and change things easily later. Like, I forgot to schedule in the drawing time for my new blog on ridiculous trademarks, ThingsThatAreTrademarked.tumblr.com – so that can easily be added on site.

At the moment, I have only a few projects with deadlines, hopefully making some money in the future. They couldn’t have come in in a better time, really boosted my shattered self esteem 🙂

On top of that, it’s easy to schedule some fun in it as well. Like Camp NanoWriMo. I’ve started a few NaNoWriMos, but never finished. Maybe because I didn’t have a schedule?

There’s also a few playstation games I would like to continue as well, the console hasn’t been plugged in since I moved three months ago), I wonder if I should schedule in play time as well or would that feel like working 😛 

Do you have any tips on making the most of your days? Do you keep a very strict schedule, or do you go with the flow? How do you “kick yourself in the butt” on days that you feel un-inspired?


Is it gay, if I’m straight and like it?

Finnish design – now on bedsheets! Muscular, butch boys, original art of Tom of Finland, now available on bedsheets by Finlayson.

gay erotica bedsheet tom of finland

tom of finland bedding

Is it gay if you’re straight and you love these?

Most of the Tom of Finland Artis actually from the 70s… or even before! that’s 40 years old, so why is it making headlines nowadays?

I am a single girl myself. I wouldn’t mind sleeping with bedsheets that have sexy boys in them (at the moment, I have boring RistoMatti Ratia sheets, and some Barbie bedsheet and Moomin pillowcases)

And, if in the future I’d meet a guy, who I trusted enough to visit my bedroom, these sheets would be the final test. Would his sense of humor and/or heterosexuality be strong enough to get past homoerotic bed sheets? If not, was he unsure of his own sexuality? Or did he not has the same sense of humor as I did?

What do you think, is this outrageous, fun, or its-about-a-time sort of thing?

Thrift store finds and practical cosplay ideas

trift store finds

Sometimes you just feel you have to have something even if you have no need for it at that moment. These fabrics were like that. First one is good 2m of lightweight wool or wool mix, from salvation army flea market for only 3,50€ I just couldn’t leave it there!
The other one is a few meters of  very nice cotton/elastane blend. In blue camouflage. I know, what in the world would I need that for?! Had no idea why I would need blue camouflage, but it was just 4€ at another flea market, so I got it anyway.

At first I thought about making “Autumn Shorts” out of the wool, sort of short shorts to wear with black belt and thick pantyhose.

But then I saw part of the movie Salt on tv, and saw this simple grey suit. Very basic, yet the slit on front side  is enough detail to make it stand out.

Angelina Jolie – Salt – grey suit

And if I cut very very carefully, the wool in the picture might just be enough! I am starting with the skirt, and see how much is left of the fabric, if not enough for a jacket maybe a vest then.
Started a pinterest board on “Practical Cosplay ideas for daily wear” because movies / TV is full of great ideas. I find fashion world too trendy and hectic to follow, while movie costume designers usually plan way ahead, trying to find outfits that would not outdate the film in just a few years.

BUT the blue camouflage?! I’ve been annoyed by it for months now, and had no idea for it. Well, one was to make an overall to wear at the house, while painting with acrylics (I can not seem to paint without half of it on me) but felt it would be waste of quality fabric…

Today I came across with pictures from Tomb Raider III video game. I played this as a kid – or rather my sister played most of it and I watched as I am a crap at games –  and had totally forgotten that Lara Croft wears blue camouflage in it. Maybe the image had burnt in the memory?
Not something to wear at town unless you’re a teenager, but the fabric material is perfect for making trousers suitable for running in the woods with the dog.

Tomb Raider 3 – Area 51

Sometimes initial buyer’s remorse becomes great find 🙂

Have you got your Halloween costume sorted out yet?

Costumer’s favorite feast is creeping up – and I’m wholly unprepared! Also surprised to find out there seems to be no theme parties held in this town, or Finland in general (If you know any, hint this way!) 😦 Anyway, won’t stop me from dressing up, even if it means being only one in town.

I got myself a set of Vampire Fangsbut as I’ve fallen into a Red Dwarf binge, I might go as the Cat instead. A trip to thrift store is in place…

Although I can imagine everyone might just think it’s a fancy version of Dracula… well. I can live with that.

I have a bumblebee costume, and a leopard coat to choose for the dog, but might draw some new inspiration for the pet costumes that seems to become just more and more ridiculous each year… thankfully the dog doesn’t mind wearing clothes,  she actually likes them since her own fur isn’t very thick.

…and of dolls

gosh I’m bad.. I have a flea market Ken doll, that has the same face mold as the official 2009 Kirk Ken doll, I was wondering, should I customize him into Pine!Kirk or Shatner!Kirk. Now, I’m bad… I purchased the actual Star Trek doll, found on local online auction… so guess this means I can have both 😛 Any how, I have a little rant for all online doll sellers, including both toy companies and ebay sellers…

y 5 similar front pcs instead?

y 5 similar front pcs instead?

Please, please, please would you mind posting a side view photos of the doll face! f.ex. ebay allows 4 pics for free, and tsillion for pay…

I’m glad people usually have atleast two, a close up of the face, and a full body pic, but I’m curious about the use of the rest of the pictures. I understand, if there is something wrong with the item a detail pic is in question… But, I encountered many listings, that had used all pictures for almost identical pics of the face front! I just took a risk with a doll on ebay…

I really want a cute custom Data doll (Star Trek: The Next Generation) but the biggest problem is the profile. His profile view definitely isn’t flat as most dolls have… Yes, I can live with a smoothed down doll version, especially as the character in question is an android, so a doll version is more than suited, but I’d like to have at least some resemblance to the actor and their pretty features. So the flat faced, MJ nosed Kens are a no-no.

Save Data before closing - accidental fun when drawing in firealpaca

Save Data before closing – accidental fun when drawing in firealpaca

So, taking a risk with a doll off ebay… Front view, doll looked nice, and had a pale body which is hard to find in itself so atleast I can use that and the price was okay even for just the body. But what if I don’t find a good head? Make a fake nose from Sculptey? Whaat?

Or maybe it’s time to start sculpting your own face molds… I’ve made clay busts in the past, but they were tricky even when they’re almost life size. Miniature scares me.

So, please, if you’re selling a doll, or posting pics of your dolls, would you mind taking some shots from their profile /silhouette as well? Quarter views are appreciated too, and in many cases they will also compliment your doll (as well as your own selfies) better than pic straight from the front. I often buy dolls with a certain character in mind, and many cases the side view is just as important as the front.

Inside Etsy Shop – Pics of Merineiti factory and huge office

Etsy is now encouraging their shop owners to have an about page partly because, I guess it makes it easier to differentiate different shops and handcrafters, but also to show where the items come from. There has been a flooding of fraud sellers, trying to make sales on etsy with manufactured items they get off ebay and aliexpress (and awfully lot have made considerate sales before they’ve been removed!) Etsy is still strictly handmade/vintage/craft supply but unfortunately bad seeds always pop up, so this is one way of helping to make sure the etsy shop is genuine.

About page, most of the fraud sellers have no info about them on their etsy page whatsoever. Or, they have very suspicious about page… f.ex someone with a etsy shop full of factory made looking bags had an about page stating their mother makes all the bags… I got curious, because they had hundreds of different bags, with huge amount of color choices. So, just a simple photo search with only one of the design, there were thousand hits on ebay with the same bag, exactly same picture.. supermomma? Right?

So, okay, my about page is in progress I don’t really know what I should tell and what not, but I did manage to take a few snapshots of my “factory”.

merineiti factory in the living room corner

merineiti factory in the living room corner. I dream to upgrade to more professional sewing machine… doll has edwardian brassiere mock up on, the painting is unfinished, put it on the wall so I would get annoyed and finish it, but I’ve just got used to it as it is now 😛

merineiti office is situated on top of chest of drawers

merineiti office is situated on top of chest of drawers. 

From “office” obviously my little pocket camera is missing since I took the pic with it. Oh and where is all the pictures on the wall! I switched room order recently, and haven’t yet had time to put everything in place. Okay, must take new picture later. I also usually have more than one coffee cup around… And yes, I think it’s pretty accurate there is no pen around (I see thick marker, but that’s pretty useless with the tiny notepad) o_O  There never seem to be any near when you need them, I have no idea where they go hide!!! 

I got 20 inch waist!!! You can too, with this vanity measuring tape?

Yep. Check this out.

vanity measuring tape...?

vanity measuring tape…?

So, I got a batch of cute, colorful measuring tapes off ebay, and I was so happy to have found a tape with cm on the other side and inches in the other! Would have made life so much easier! These weren’t even the cheapest… so I expected atleast a bit of quality.

I was going to give them free with measuring guide to customers who may want to order custom clothing from me, but glad I checked first!!! I would have been in so much trouble if customer should have measured them with this, and then I’d use my old reliable rulers to draft patterns…
The cm side is off whole cm, which isn’t that bad, but the inch side?! Yes, with this tape I have a 20 inch waist. Umm… not… since these “inches, as you can see from the photo, are a LOT bigger than actual inches (okay, my school ruler may be a 1/16 inch off but I also checked with all other tapes and rulers found in the house… and definitely know my waist is nowhere near 20…)

This would have resulted in very wrong clothes. 

And the basic reason for me handing out measuring tapes (+ instructions) was to avoid wrong measurements… gotta find a wholesale supplier for a known brand tapes…  And find some ingenious craft to use this for, I’ve got like 10 of these… Any takers for a vanity measuring tape?