Sorry for long hiatus that is still going on… and I apologize for broken pictures in the blog. Photobucket has suddenly changed into pay-to-use and unfortunately I have no spoons to blog nor try to find new place to copy all the old pics and then manually fix the links here. It hasn’t been very good couple of years for me but hey I’m still here. Sort of.


EDIT. you should still be able to see the pictures if you click the broken pictures!


You can never have too many men… Jedi dolls in da house

I am quite happy, already got three commissions to make this month and it’s only beginning of month 😀

Also, got incredibly happy opening a package from ebay… I found something I wanted so much as a kid but couldn’t afford.

 photo shirtless-obi-wan.jpg

Shirtless Obi-Wan Kenobi Ewan Mcgregor doll

Don’t tell me this isn’t the first thing you do when getting new dolls 😀
I was only curious to see the articulation of these action figures you know…

 photo shirtless-qui-gon.jpg

Shirtless Qui-Gon Jinn Liam Neeson doll

Qui-Gon Jinn, 13″. I always went to admire this doll when I was a kid and went to town. Well, I was in junior high when the phantom menace came out so young teen… Lol the lovely age when you proudly still had Spice Girls and kitten posters up but started to make room for Ewan Mcgregor in suggestive poses x| I didn’t have any dolls back them, but I would have made an exception for Qui-Gon… He’s my absolute favorite jedi in all of star wars. Not that I’m superficial, but it doesn’t hurt he also looks like Liam Neeson.

Okay, I’ll try to get pics of them with clothes as well… Here’s their very first adventure when arriving and making contact with a local doll on instagram: https://instagram.com/p/9n_WTRkCJS/

How do you replace meat in your diet if you can’t eat soy?

TMI Friday, I don’t often post personal things, but this is just something that affects my life as a whole and couldn’t find the right forum online to search more about this. It’s about developing allergies as an adult, and diets (NOT dieting! I’m against dieting, but diets, you know, the stuff that you eat regularly is your diet)

I wonder if there are any vegetarians or food / diet connoisseurs reading this:

I might have developed an allergy to soy 😦

I’ve been mostly vegetarian (from strictly vegan to not eating red meat, and anything in between) all my teen and adult life, but only found soy products a few years ago. I just never liked the texture of tofu, the idea most of it is GMO and the fact “meatless meatballs” and soy grains only got into this distant land of Finland maybe just ten years ago anyway.

Nowadays, I eat soy in all forms from milk, flour, and grains as it’s relatively cheap and fills your stomach very well.

…and at the same time, for the last couple of years, I’ve been wondering, why I have constant stomach pain, and why has my formerly nice skin gone bad. I can count the zits I had in my teens with the fingers of one hand (two. I had TWO zits in six years of our high school) but the last couple of years, almost always a bump or two somewhere on my face. Not. Nice.
I just thought, maybe my bad skin is due makeup? I do have your regular super sensitive nordic fair skin, can’t wear nickel jewelry or use fabric softeners on my laundry. So, I stopped wearing make up foundation. Nothing changed. Well, not for me, maybe for others who had to see my bad skin uncovered… I thought, maybe it’s gluten or lactose that causes stomach pain, as the media today is so eager to tell us that both wheat and milk is bad – the two ingredients, that historically speaking, made our society as we know it, possible… So I’ve switched to lactose free milk or soy milk… and never really ate white flour bread or buns anyway (I love rye bread, and maybe I’m weird but I’ve never liked buns or cupcakes…).

No change. I even joked to my mother that maybe I’m having pimples as an adult because of a really early menopause. She didn’t laugh, as she’s not yet having it either and I guess felt a bit old for me saying that…

The soy being the culprit hit me only just now. Because I have been ill for almost a month, so I hadn’t eaten much of anything, or used any skincare products, lived mostly on porridge and tea, and my skin was looking healthy, stomach was fine.

Then, yesterday, I made some muffins with mostly soy flour. And within few hours, the skin on my face, was again itchy and red. And I was in pain..

So I guess, I might be allergic to soy.

But, I can’t eat meat, mostly because ethical reasons, but partly because when I do eat meat (I just can’t resist smoked reindeer thanks to my lappish mom… it’s both ethical and tastes too good…), I get horrible stomach pain!

What can you eat if you avoid meat but are allergic to soy?
Is there anything else available, that contains B12 vitamin and protein, while being affordable to add to your regular diet?

Time Management for people without bosses

I didn’t find a job or an internship for the summer, so basically un-employed now…

Ugh, anyway, no time to feel sad, on the contrary this means I have all the time for myself! Which means, the Ultimate Task of managing your own time.

Time management. Essential skill to any freelance and self-employed (and un-employed…). How to make the most of your time, when there’s no one watching after you, and you have the freedom to spend the whole day in your pajamas, watching Netflix if you want to?

When you don’t have a rigid lunch hour set for you, some days you might forget to eat or take breaks… or, you might take breaks too often, leaving you working the night away when you accidentally fell into the rabbit hole of tumblr and youtube during the day.

I found this handy tool Free College Schedule Maker .

Featured image

Scheduling… Don’t have much going on right now, a few projects I need to finish – I scheduled them in the mornings as that is the most efficient time for me. I am hoping to update youtube channel more often, so I scheduled in computer time. Also, scheduled Internet time in the lazy afternoon, so as not to waste the creative morning hours into Internet stuff. Emails can wait a few hours, I’m not a stock broker…

Don’t let the name “College” fool you, it works for any kind of schedule, whether you need to schedule time to study, or to make a time sheet for your freelance or other work. You can fill in tasks, and choose which days and hours you wish to work for certain tasks. You can set those rigid lunch and coffee breaks in there as well… Everything can be color coded.

You can print out your schedules, or if you’re on a computer all the time, then maybe use your schedule as a desktop image, to remind you what you’re supposed to be doing? You can also save the schedule in the site’s own format, so you can go back and change things easily later. Like, I forgot to schedule in the drawing time for my new blog on ridiculous trademarks, ThingsThatAreTrademarked.tumblr.com – so that can easily be added on site.

At the moment, I have only a few projects with deadlines, hopefully making some money in the future. They couldn’t have come in in a better time, really boosted my shattered self esteem 🙂

On top of that, it’s easy to schedule some fun in it as well. Like Camp NanoWriMo. I’ve started a few NaNoWriMos, but never finished. Maybe because I didn’t have a schedule?

There’s also a few playstation games I would like to continue as well, the console hasn’t been plugged in since I moved three months ago), I wonder if I should schedule in play time as well or would that feel like working 😛 

Do you have any tips on making the most of your days? Do you keep a very strict schedule, or do you go with the flow? How do you “kick yourself in the butt” on days that you feel un-inspired?

In the middle of the mess moving cross country

I don’t like to ramble about personal life, but now it affects everything else so I will.

I was planning on moving in the end of March, and within this city.

Bring in some un-expected swirls, and now I’m moving cross country NEXT WEEK!!!

Hurried packing mode engaged! Oh gosh too much stuff!!! Actually, I have very little “normal” stuff like everyday clothes and kitchen ware, I have sold nearly all of the furniture, but… the hobbies! Why can’t I settle with Yoga? If it weren’t for the hobby stuff, I could fit my stuff in a Nissan Micra! Maybe even in Fiat 500!

4 boxes of doll related stuff. 2boxes and an ikea bag of Art related stuff. 1 Box of Jewelry stuff. And sewing stuff?!!! ENDLESS!!! There’s already three boxes and two giant black bags filled with them, AND THERE’S STILL LIKE HALF LEFT!!!! + the dummy, machines and stuff that don’t even fit in boxes!

And being by myself, there’s no one else to help with running errands and calling moving companies and all the other related stuff… Luckily my dog is very persuasive, she doesn’t take no for answer when she wants to go out or wants to eat, so I remember to eat myself when feeding her…

Little draw back + addition to winter sale before February!

The Finnish post office raises prices this February, as well as changes limits on over sized letters. It means the bigger items that nowadays cost 12-25€ to post abroad, will all have to be posted at 37€ packages 😦  So, trying to get the most of the current prices, merineiti.etsy.com winter sale will continue…

Click the previous post for coupon sale codes, and orders before 31st January will be posted with current, cheaper shipping prices!

Please leave a little message telling you came through merineiti.wordpress.com on “note to seller” at check out to receive a little extra gift 🙂
These will be randomly selected from  3-10€ range items I haven’t had time to put up on the store, I will try to match them to the style of the items that you originally purchase though, so guess not completely random 🙂

The shop will propably close for a little while after that to accommodate to new pricing…

Is it gay, if I’m straight and like it?

Finnish design – now on bedsheets! Muscular, butch boys, original art of Tom of Finland, now available on bedsheets by Finlayson.

gay erotica bedsheet tom of finland

tom of finland bedding

Is it gay if you’re straight and you love these?

Most of the Tom of Finland Artis actually from the 70s… or even before! that’s 40 years old, so why is it making headlines nowadays?

I am a single girl myself. I wouldn’t mind sleeping with bedsheets that have sexy boys in them (at the moment, I have boring RistoMatti Ratia sheets, and some Barbie bedsheet and Moomin pillowcases)

And, if in the future I’d meet a guy, who I trusted enough to visit my bedroom, these sheets would be the final test. Would his sense of humor and/or heterosexuality be strong enough to get past homoerotic bed sheets? If not, was he unsure of his own sexuality? Or did he not has the same sense of humor as I did?

What do you think, is this outrageous, fun, or its-about-a-time sort of thing?