BarbieFans deviant Art group

If you are on deviantart and like fashion dolls – or not yet have an account but might like to join, it’s like a social media/ art portfolio platform but with people posting their art and creations instead of selfies 😀
Here is the BarbieFans deviantArt group I was asked to moderate, otherwise it might have been closed. Wouldn’t want that… Instead, there is now fantastic Barbie doll customization gallery, and even the genius that is Noel Cruz submits to the group 😀  In the Gallery you got to scroll Barbie and doll photos and fan art people have submitted.
If you’re new to dA, I’m happy to help you with the site 🙂 I know, it pretty much still looks the same it did 7 years ago when I joined… but unlike most social media today, there is very little trolling or bullying. Artist want to encourage each other!
The age limit to join is 13 (like everything online) and I believe mature filter is set on by default, and you have to manually set it off if you wish to explore the more saucy art posted there.
BarbieFans group however does not allow mature content at all.

barbiefans deviantart group

barbiefans deviantart group


Hand Drawn doll portraits

Original art offered: Hand drawn head shot portrait sketches of dolls, bears or ponies from your photo for $5! At Fiverr, where every deal starts at fiver 🙂

Click here for the offer at Fiverr.

If you do order, please remember to write in your order that you were referred by Merineiti  and receive a little something extra!

Rebel Girl

Rebel Girl

This morning the dog woke me up at 5.30. It’s 10.45 now, and the dog’s been happily sleeping ever since -_-
However, I’ve been awake, had a quick 6 am photoshoot, then morning coffee spiced with heavy duty photo editing to make this happen!
Art print available at ArtPal

It should go without saying that re-selling my design is a no-no, both legally and morally, but you’re more than welcome to share the picture with proper credit linking to this blog, my tumblr, facebook

And do print the image here to your dollhouse. And your friends’ dollhouses. To your scrapbook. Whatever. Personal use is always allowed. AmsterDamn, make a graffiti stencil out of it, I know I would if I were better at running.
Please send me a pic if you do 🙂
I will start making print shirts/ totes for dolls (1:6 scale at least), so follow up if interested.