Last minute Halloween tutorial

Just a quick tutorial or tip on making a doll size head piece for Halloween – Cat’s ears, Devil’s Horns, crowns… etc

Youtube Tutorial Halloween Doll Head Piece


Witch hat and cape – Free Doll size Pattern

Witch costume for barbie dollHalloween is near! It’s still time to make costumes… for dolls!
Here is an easy sew (or even no sew if you’re good with glue) pattern for a sixth scale fashion doll. The cape can cater to more dolls, the hat is patterned to fit Barbie size head. You can attach a ribbon to make it sit on top of bigger dolls head, or over a hairdo.

You need: Thin craft felt (or just paper!) for the hat, some ribbon, and fabric for the cape.
For putting things together, either needle and thread, or fabric glue.

Craft felts on amazon – get the felt on this one, not foam – the glue I use for fabrics is FabriTac   (it costs 3-times more to me because of postages to ship to Finland, but I still buy it because it’s the best!) Cape fabric you most likely find around house. Recycle an old shirt you don’t wear anymore? If you’re a kid and parents are still buying your clothes, ALWAYS ASK THEM which are okay to recycle and explain why you need to do that to avoid getting into trouble 🙂 You might even get your mom to go through their wardrobe and give you some awesome things to recycle.

fashion barbie doll cape and witch hat free pattern halloween

fashion doll cape and witch hat pattern

Print out the pattern at 100% with no margin (should fit full A4). Sorry about scruffy lines, I was in a hurry to post this before Halloween… just cut it smooth…
Or, if you don’t have printer, the pattern pieces are quite simple, so you might try to draw your own freehand with your doll as a size guide.
The seam allowances on the hat are small (0.6mm)

If your cape fabric frays, you want to glue or sew around the edges to stop that. If you find fabric that doesn’t fray, or you like the fray effect, all you need to do with the cape is cut it out, and attach a tying ribbon on the top edge. Remember to make it long enough so it’s easy to make a bow.

The hat, cut the pieces out of craft felt. sew the straight edges together to make a cone.
Attach the lover edge of the cone into the brim. You may need to cut the little slits, or stretch the felt a little to make it fit.

You can attach them with fabric glue, or sewing. Hand stitching recommended. You may also try to make a hat with colored paper, if you don’t have suitable fabric/felt at hand!

I know I’m not really good at explaining… And there are lots of doll heads that might want a witches hat, so maybe I’ll try to make a little video tutorial on how to make these in other sizes and how to attach them.

Or is there one already? I found this one that is making Monster High witch hat with paper.
If there is doll hat tutorials / patterns available already, please let me know!