Fall Fashion Dolls

I had high hopes of making a lot more Autumn fashions for dolls, but basically just made a few simple coats and knitted some scarves. Putting some on CustomFashionDoll.etsy.com on Monday, today I really really want to have time to draw.

Not enough hours in a day… and I’m 80-90% un-employed, with no social life and only one kid!* How do people manage?

 photo IMG_8966.jpg
Chunky scarves time… Chunky blob of clothes time is coming…
 photo IMG_8968.jpg
Whimsical polka dot rain coat, clothes modeled by 12″ Fashion Royalty doll Veronique Perring! Alas I don’t have enough to make a life size version, I’d love a pretty raincoat like this for myself!
 photo IMG_8961.jpg
Ariel, the little mermaid doll – she’s repainted by me, but as you can see her face paint is not finished yet. What I said about hours in a day…
Here’s sporting an One piece suit.

Now, time for afternoon walk, then hopefully finally chance to sit down and draw…

*and she’s a dog…


New doll in da house

I got new doll to make clothes to!!! It is Integrity Toys Color Infusion Ace Mcfly!

But he is pretty much the same as fashion royalty hommes… I can’t wait to tailor custom clothes for him! Just please don’t hate me if I tell him to get his hair cut…

So, hoping to get a nice gentleman’s wardrobe for him, and some for sale at Custom Fashion Doll Clothes etsy shop…

Integrity Toys Color Infusion Ace McFly

Integrity Toys Color Infusion Ace McFly

Janice and Ace

Janice and Ace

This is Ace and Janice. I like their height difference – Integrity toys (fashion royalty and Color infusion boys are the same) hommes are taller than Ken dolls, and Janice with a Kumik body is a little shorter than a Barbie. So, Ace and Janice look like a thin 6’2 man and a fit 5’4” woman. Janice is an action figure I bid on ebay out of a whim and won. Then fell in love with her face of total unimpressement… She looks sort of like Kristen Steward but times two, so that total blankness of emotions becames an actual vivid emotion of itself. I think she might have lots more new adventures in merineiti instagram feed 🙂