Costumes In time for Halloween – sale coupon for -25% on all items

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Coupon expires Sunday September 20!

Monday 21st is pretty much the last chance to ensure your items are with you on halloween for international shipping!

PS. Went crazy and added the same sale coupon to Custom Fashion Doll Clothes Etsy shop as well!

Use coupon HALLOWEEN2015 on checkout!


Custom Fashion Doll Clothes etsy shop – lots to do

Custom Repaint and rerooted monster high doll with handmade Marie Antoinette dress

Custom Repaint and rerooted monster high doll with handmade Marie Antoinette dress

Adding things up slowly but steady to brand new Custom Fashion Doll Clothes etsy shop.

From now on, will be for human size things, we’ll see. Please bear with me, the shop is up and running, so you are able to like, share, follow and order if you wish.

Yet lots of things still to do to make it more pleasant for everyone, as well as I have a few dozen things to put up there. I will notify again, when I feel most of the things are up, and perhaps then it’s time to host a little competition / giveaway…

Some things that need to be done,

  • photoshoots! Lots of them, like:
  • body comparison pictures to help finding the right fit.
  • better listing photos.
  • accurate fabric / color choice photos.
  • Portfolio photos.

The web stuff

  • Etsy shop written stuff, need to come up with a short easy read template
  • website stuff, where to put all the additional info and pictures
  • Come up with relevant tags and stuff
  • social media stuff up to date… and whether just discard the things I always forget.
  • Graphics!!! Need a set of avatars, icons, banner and such, that would be consistent, informative, whimsical and so meee…
  • And a color scheme. And a font.
  • OH GOSH NOT ANOTHER hobby… make a dress up game, with the clothing styles I offer. Yes, I can, yes it will be time consuming and dreadful for a technophobe. I just went almost 3 weeks without opening a computer! Okay, I had my phone, but still, it was fantastic.
  • Warning labels, cards, all that shipping stuff that is at the moment who knows where after I moved a few months ago.

Youtube /blog

  • doll skirt tutorial is overdue… (I lost half the footage D:)
  • pepakura video, 90% ready
  • something I’ve forgotten
  • Something else I’ve forgotten. I know when I’ll open the editor…
  • Halloween doll costume how to, 1-3 videos. Yesss… I’ve already started patterning.
  • Repaint videos. I have footage for one, and another is a slideshow
  • Flocking tutorial video. Mama’s horse need new hair (aaa I have three horses to customize).

Crafts, sewing, painting….

  • too many… Need to sew more stock, and examples…
  • Too many repaint WIPs… my dolls need faces
  • Few re-roots as well… I’m not going to make a video, as it would be mainly me swearing.
  • A mystery craft I started Friday when I was feverish. Literally, having a horrible flu all weekend, couldn’t concentrate on anything precice, so I started cutting up cardboard boxes. You can see the hint photos on my instagram feed on the right, can you guess what it will be?


  • get one.
  • jk I don’t need one, I have my dolls…
  • which is, doll stories – a few spontaneously came to live on (I’m talking poor Jane the action figure, and apparently desperate vintage housewife) but I also  have a few scripted.
  • Also, try and clean out the doll stuff for sale… figure out which dolls and factory clothes are actually considered vintage and whether to put on etsy,  or ebay, and which are modern or too usual and put on ordinary thrift store, or charity. I can’t believe a year ago I only had maybe 25 dolls. Now, I don’t think I want to know…
  • ALSO gosh the flu medicin gave a false sense of energy and weird ideas, I actually started to think about Home decor…  dc-fix might just fix that ugly little kitchen of mine.

Oh, and need to figure out how to do reverse percent calculations, or whatever it is called in English, can’t remember how it’s done 😛

And write a how to etsy post for people not familiar with the platform, maybe put things on ebay as well as and and…

Something I’ve forgotten again, I’m sure.


Things that are Trademarked – New mini blog about weird trademarks

We all understand Disney is a trademark. We understand  Bic Mac is a trademark. But who knew, that Goodnight and Bobcat are also trademarked! Yes, you might get in trouble with the lawyers by misspelling Good night in your item description for your hand made bed side lamp!

under the sea is trademarked. funnily enough, not by disney

under the sea is trademarked. funnily enough, not by disney

After getting a little sad and frustrated reading a post in the Etsy forum, I decided to start a little blog about weird/silly/outrageous trademarks:

I am hoping it might shed a light to the issue with a comical way, nevertheless hopefully also educational, since this is one of the things (along with copyright infringement) that might get your new business shut down before it even started, just because you’d never would have guessed words like “monster” are already trademarked! Well, in some instances at least (or in the case of monster, quite a few already!)

The stories will be simplified and exaggerated a bit for comical purposes, but they will be based on true stories…

If you are the least bit interested in this issue, please follow and share the blog!

Have you encountered tricky situations with trademarks?

I have a dozen posts in the queue already, and many in the making. I am really hoping to gather more, based on your true stories! Guest submissions are allowed in the blog, you can also use the “Ask anything” form if you want to leave your story anonymously.

Obviously, you can leave your stories here as well (comments are published manually), just remember to let me know if for some reason you don’t want to get your comment published!

I am hoping to get stories concerning trademark, as it is less known compared to copyright,  but will welcome copyright and patent stories as well (as I just learnt that looped ribbons are patented? What?)

Whether you are the trademark holder, who learnt the hard way your trademark didn’t actually apply the way you wanted, you got ripped off by bigger or smaller companies, or you came up with an idea all by yourself and then learnt someone had already patented/trademarked that idea… Or, like me, learnt that you can’t use the common phrases like Under the Sea without getting flagged by the copyright holder…

Coupon code for May – Etsy shop

Opened up the etsy shop again, but not taking custom orders at the moment

I was going to put most to ebay with smaller starting bids, but felt too exhausted… instead, here’s a -20% discount coupon code for : HEYMAY
Valid NOW until 15th June…
Just use HEYMAY at checkout… Also, shipping promotion – no handling or additional fees with shipping, just what the post office charges – pay for one shipping no matter how many things you order.  Registered/tracking code included.

I will post updates if I do transfer some things to ebay later on.
Also, all p&ps are now for registered mail, as it’s the only way I can guarantee full refund if something gets lost in the mail. Which I’ve read has happened a lot especially with USPS lately… I really want to make people feel safe they will get what they ordered
Here’s a few examples,  ´-20% discount with coupon HEYMAY

18th century dress for sale historical clothing and corsets on etsy

18th century dress historical clothing and corsets on etsy

Little draw back + addition to winter sale before February!

The Finnish post office raises prices this February, as well as changes limits on over sized letters. It means the bigger items that nowadays cost 12-25€ to post abroad, will all have to be posted at 37€ packages 😦  So, trying to get the most of the current prices, winter sale will continue…

Click the previous post for coupon sale codes, and orders before 31st January will be posted with current, cheaper shipping prices!

Please leave a little message telling you came through on “note to seller” at check out to receive a little extra gift 🙂
These will be randomly selected from  3-10€ range items I haven’t had time to put up on the store, I will try to match them to the style of the items that you originally purchase though, so guess not completely random 🙂

The shop will propably close for a little while after that to accommodate to new pricing…

Winter Sale! Up to 30% off on merineiti historical clothing, jewelry, cases…

methese and lots more!


Use these coupons at checkout:

WINTERSALE10 10% off of purchases over 5€

WINTERSALE15 15% off of purchases over 25€

WINTERSALE25 25% off of purchases over 50€

WINTERSALE30 30% off of purchases over 150€

+ check regularly for additional discount items that may pop up!

Why?! I am going to school in May, which means Merineiti shop will be closed for a few months before hopefully getting back to custom orders as well, so if you need any of these items, grab them now when they’re on sale!

PLEASE REGISTER TO ETSY USING THIS LINK if you haven’t registered yet, you’ll get 5bucks towards your next purchase 😀 (doesn’t unfortunately work on my shop yet, hopefully in the future)

Also, if you leave a little note telling me you came from the, on etsy’s “note to seller” at checkout to receive little extra gift 🙂 these will be chosen randomly from 2-10€ price range items that I haven’t had time to put up on the store.