A Hello Long Overdue

And sorry it’s been a while… a huge while I’ve been ill. I don’t think I can yet be fully back, but I will try to restore some of the presence little by little. Even got that little MD BJD Mei hoping she’d inspire some new sewing as well, being slightly bigger than fashion dolls to hopefully enabling slightly easier sewing projects to start with again.

Instagram however isn’t helping me at all, it doesn’t seem to work even the little it worked before (they don’t like windows 8.1 phones it seems) and they actually blocked me from using their help page when I tried to find help to that issue 😦 The attitude of instagram/facebook group never ceases to amaze me…

So yes, I will mostly try to work on blog here and my inspiration tumblr.  And maybe just maybe one day doing another video tutorial.

Thank you for sticking with me!


BarbieFans deviant Art group

If you are on deviantart and like fashion dolls – or not yet have an account but might like to join, it’s like a social media/ art portfolio platform but with people posting their art and creations instead of selfies 😀
Here is the BarbieFans deviantArt group I was asked to moderate, otherwise it might have been closed. Wouldn’t want that… Instead, there is now fantastic Barbie doll customization gallery, and even the genius that is Noel Cruz submits to the group 😀  In the Gallery you got to scroll Barbie and doll photos and fan art people have submitted.
If you’re new to dA, I’m happy to help you with the site 🙂 I know, it pretty much still looks the same it did 7 years ago when I joined… but unlike most social media today, there is very little trolling or bullying. Artist want to encourage each other!
The age limit to join is 13 (like everything online) and I believe mature filter is set on by default, and you have to manually set it off if you wish to explore the more saucy art posted there.
BarbieFans group however does not allow mature content at all.

barbiefans deviantart group

barbiefans deviantart group

Handmade Barbie, monster high doll clothes and repainted dolls

Pics of previously made stuff…

1. Barbie size print tee shirt and leggings

Monster High Dress

2. Monster high dress + tiny owl necklace.

Hollywood glamour

3. Faux silk red hollywood red carpet dress, fitted to Model Muse Barbie

4. Pearl necklace and earrings

Another 18th century dress

5. Tonner/Ellowyne Size green Marie Antoinette dress + pink skirt


6. Tonner/Ellowyne Green velvet jacket, sleeveles top, dress, pony necklace

Old fashioned gentleman

7. Ken doll Suit – Jacket, vest, shirt, cravat, trousers

Desing clutch

8. Coco Chanel style design hand bag in Barbie size… Barbiestriped jacket… Grey, slightly shiny leggings.

my first vintage Barbie

9. 1950s style dress, fits Vintage Barbies, modern Barbies can also wear. Real dupion silk in pretty blue.


10. Integrity, Fashion Royalty corset – white with beige sateen.


11. Playsuit, striped white and dark blue, Made to fit best Nefera De Nile, the bigger Monster High doll.
Also, polymer clay bananas 😀

Repaints / Custom Dolls

Doctor Who - Ten doll repaint

12. the 10th Doctor Who inspired repaint of Ken / Ryan doll,

Barbie repaint - Angelina

13. Repaint Teresa, tried to make her resemble a little bit more like Angelina Jolie. .

Monster High Repaint - Draculaura/Abby

14. Custom re-paint Monster High Draculaura, with green eyes and blood red lips.


These were the ones I already had pictures of online… more may or may not come… feel free to ask questions, or commission a custom doll (I have half a dozen monster high dolls, few bratz dolls etc waiting to be customized)

Re-rooting doll hair, here I come!

You encounter dolls with messy or cut hair. For a long time I thought there is nothing you could do about it, maybe cut the hair and make a wig? Until I encountered the term “reroot”. So, if the scalp is undamaged, you can actually root new hair on dolls!
I’m too new to this to even try giving out tutorials, but just go to youtube and type doll hair reroot tutorial and you’ll have plenty to choose.


My first reroot poke! Aww, baby pictures 😛

rerooting and rooting doll hair  monster high dolls

rerooting and rooting doll hair monster high dolls

Meet Heath, The Monster High boy doll who has awesome face sculpture, but awful plastic hair and freaky paintjob. Also, look how the hair was already coming off, having huge gaps around it even fresh out of package! This was a double pack with Abbey, and Abbey’s hair was also covered in glue, she smelled really really bad, like that toxic lacque you put on your patio furniture!  straight out of package. Heath also has awful “bruises” on his hand from a prop that don’t come off because they’ve already been absorbed to the plastic 😦 I did actually send an email about these faults to the retailer/importer, but no reply has come and it’s been months. I am not assuming money back since I already decided to customize them, but I wouldn’t like giving icky, faulty toys to a child.

rerooting and rooting doll hair  monster high dolls

rerooting and rooting doll hair monster high dolls

I did not even have to use warm water, his haircap just came off with simple pulling :/

rerooting and rooting doll hair  monster high dolls

rerooting and rooting doll hair monster high dolls

This is my first re-root tool! Used wire cutters to cut the tip of the needle loop off, poked it inside a spiderman pencil. Woohoo, macgyver fixes. I will most likely invest in a better one, but I didn’t feel like spending the money before I tried out if it’s worth the effortor should I just use some other method.

rerooting and rooting doll hair  monster high dolls

rerooting and rooting doll hair monster high dolls

Also, I did not invest in doll hair…  I thought some old extensions would work as a rehearse. I’m also a bit in a recession money wise at the moment… and since my hair is different color now anyway, why not use it. This dolls vinyl was so soft, that did not need to poke holes beforehand, just poking with the tool.

rerooting and rooting doll hair  monster high dolls

Such mane. Reroot tool is beyond repair, but it did last just and just this one reroot 😛

rerooting and rooting doll hair  monster high dolls

rerooting and rooting doll hair monster high dolls

And here’s the unfortunate Abbey that came with Heath, had chipped paint, awful glue seepage and a bad smell right out of box. (I should make a post all about her… she’s been through a lot) Now with a huge mane I’ve yet to style… using natural blonde kanekalon from a “neck tail” extension I used to wear to add to 18th century hairdos when my hair was too short, and some white streaks.

rerooting and rooting doll hair  monster high dolls

rerooting and rooting doll hair monster high dolls

The infamous CAM create-a-monster Cat. It’s pink, it’s bald, it’s factory face paint is weird. Also, the ears are not part of her head sculpt, but are meant to be clip on to her wig, but the wig doesn’t have suitable spots made for the ears and the result is sloppy! What!

rerooting and rooting doll hair  monster high dolls

rerooting and rooting doll hair monster high dolls

First of all, she needed her ears set in and hair. I clipped the excess on the original attachment, poked holes in her head and put ears in them. Did use glue, realized it does not hold if you squeeze the head. I don’t know why anyone would go on squeezing their dolls heads, but I still wanted to make sure the ears don’t come off if someone should actually do that, so to keep them in place, I actually glued the root of the ears also to the hair.
And the hair? Surely now I’d gone and get some doll hair? Umm… this was another old ponytail extension… synthetic, but slightly thinner than kanekalon.   – omg I change my hair color like socks…

rerooting and rooting doll hair  monster high dolls

rerooting and rooting doll hair monster high dolls

And the awful CAM cat? It is now a love child of the Pink Panther and Marsupilami!
I know I should make feature posts of each dolls… and actually finish Abbey and Heath… not enough hours in a day.

Fashion Doll tights / leggings – Free Pattern!

pattern for tights for Barbie, Nefera and Madeline Hatter

Yay, time for another free doll clothes pattern! Or three, actually.

Pantyhose/ tights / leggings for Fashion dolls! There is one drafted to fit a Belly Button Barbie, one for Monster High Nefera de Nile, and one for Ever After High Madeline Hatter. I hope you find these useful, especially when Nefera and Madeline have bodies that are unique in their doll line (I love them for that!) which means there isn’t really clothes made for them.

Might fit for other dolls, Barbies, Disney Princesses etc. 11½ fashion dolls, maybe with some tweaking. If you sew by hand you may try to sew on the doll – just be sure not to make the tights so tights you can’t take them off! Also note, that you can only make really form fitting tights from elastic fabric. Like you may see in my pantyhose, the green on Nefera is a slightly elastic mesh/tullé while the pink and black are very stiff. The elastic mesh looks better. You’re not limited to mesh – you can try using any material, even your old tights if you dare! You can also make very tight leggings with this pattern.

doll mesh tightsMH Nefera de Nile, EAH Madeline Hatter, Bellybutton Barbie

There’s basic sewing info on the pattern; I am also making a video to try to explain how to sew this, so follow my youtube channel if you want to know when new tutorials are up 🙂
The pattern should fit full A4, with no margin. If you have awful windows 7 (like me) try not to use the automated printing, even mspaint offers better printing options…

You may always commission me to sew you a pair as well…

Tights pattern for fashion dolls - for personal use only

Tights pattern for fashion dolls – for personal use only. 

Print tees for fashion dolls!


Draculaura dancing gangnam style monster and ever after high repaints with their new custom clothing https://www.etsy.com/listing/189058092/fun-and-unique-print-tees-t-shirts-for?ref=listing-shop-header-1

At the moment there is printed tees for barbie size fashion dolls x and , ‘Monster High x

‘Ken is most likely next to get custom t-shirts, I have so many ideas for silly humor shirts for Ken…