Star Wars the Force Awakens – Rey custom repaint doll

– the long slumbering star wars fan in me. So, after crying over the wonderful The Force Awakens trailer, I took a brunette Barbie doll and tried to paint her as Rey.

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Not perfect, considering trying to transfer a generic barbie face, but if and when the actual Daisy Ridley face sculpts (oh how I wish for a doll and not some ugly action figures) appear, they would be so nice to repaint and most likely to gain nice resemblance. In the meantime, this Rey doll brightens up my day, waiting for the movie 🙂
And no, I don’t have tickets… I don’t have anyone to go with so I didn’t want to try to get opening night tickets for the fear my social anxiety might prevent me from going alone :/
And then there would be an empty seat at the opening. Not fair for the one who didn’t get a ticket.
It really has been that bad lately, I’ll just try covering my ears from gossip after opening and sneak in to see a day show some time soon…

bb8 droid papercraft found on papermau blog

// had to snatch another pic.Hoping to continue her next week. #custombarbie #rey #daisyridley with #papercraft #droid #repaint #repainteddolls #bb8droid #bb8 #starwarstheforceawakens #starwarsepisodevii #starwarsrey #customdoll #customfigure #dollrepai
Made her clothes out of what ever I had at home at the time…  so not accurate (yet) but I think something she could wear.//


BarbieFans deviant Art group

If you are on deviantart and like fashion dolls – or not yet have an account but might like to join, it’s like a social media/ art portfolio platform but with people posting their art and creations instead of selfies 😀
Here is the BarbieFans deviantArt group I was asked to moderate, otherwise it might have been closed. Wouldn’t want that… Instead, there is now fantastic Barbie doll customization gallery, and even the genius that is Noel Cruz submits to the group 😀  In the Gallery you got to scroll Barbie and doll photos and fan art people have submitted.
If you’re new to dA, I’m happy to help you with the site 🙂 I know, it pretty much still looks the same it did 7 years ago when I joined… but unlike most social media today, there is very little trolling or bullying. Artist want to encourage each other!
The age limit to join is 13 (like everything online) and I believe mature filter is set on by default, and you have to manually set it off if you wish to explore the more saucy art posted there.
BarbieFans group however does not allow mature content at all.

barbiefans deviantart group

barbiefans deviantart group

Making your own head sculpts?

where do you find dolls with this sculpt?

where do you find dolls that have faces this charming?

Have you ever looked at your dolls and figurines, and thought they lack charisma? If only they’d have an unique face. Not just repainted, but sculpted.

This video makes sculpting human heads seem so easy…

the best I could do with air dry clay - Professor Snape figurine I made 13 years ago :D

the best I could do with air dry clay – Professor Snape figurine I made 13 years ago 😀

Years ago, I bought a set of ‘polymer clay’ from a hobby store. I’ve always loved working with real clay, find it relaxing and easy to work with, but the fact you have to find ceramic oven to burn your work is a drawback. Air dry clay is nowhere near as lovely material, it is too stingy (is that a word?) dries too quickly, and seems to be only suitable for bigger, rough works. At least I could never get much detail with it.

I’d rather save my money from buying air dry clay (that sometimes has already dried inside the package!) and make “Taikataikina” salt dough (salt+flour+water) it has about the same qualities as air dry clay, but a lot cheaper, non-toxic (unless you eat so much the salt may cause you to feel sick) and even vegan, organic and gluten free depending on the flour you use 😛 and if you bake and use sealant on your work, it will last years! If you don’t, it will get mold one day…

Babbling… back to POLYMER CLAY

After buying the hobby shop clay set,  I thought it was dreadful to work with, nothing came out like I wanted it to, and even baked, it looked like rubbery play dough.

Tossed them aside, and forgot about it.

Then, I stumbled upon another time lapse tutorial that came out as a very beautiful, realistic miniature things…
I also saw wonderful pieces of art, very detailed miniature mermaids and fairies that claimed to be made out of polymer clay!
Wondered, how on earth do they manage to work  that awful stuff like that!

Saw that the discussions mentioned, that different clays have different qualities. Fimo is soft and flexible, Sculpey is fragile but beautiful.

So, I bought one little block of each… and was so surpised!  The truth was, the stuff I had gotten in the first place as a novice, was a really horrible quality!
I managed to make quite pretty little statue for my dollhouse from sculpey, which unfortunately fell down and broke… it is fragile after baking. The fimo things came out okay. I think, maybe, with a little patience, practice and right tools, an original head sculpt in fashion doll size might happen! The next step, obviously, is how to attach the fragile head tot the ready made bodies…

unique head sculpts, anyone?

Good luck finding ready made head sculpts to base figurines of these characters… 

Any ideas? Do you make things out of polymer clay? Feel free to post relevant links to the comments (youtube, flickr, pinteres, blog platforms… I will only publish links that is easily seen to lead to reliable sites, so please no links and if you link to your own domain, please note so 🙂 )

sewing historical fashion to monster high doll clothes

Trying to come up with a sort of autumn collection of doll clothes, some styles that would work on different size dolls. Like this smart casual mini dress

Lorna McNessie doll

Lorna Mcnessie doll is so cute.

I have a confession… I watched the monster high movie freaky fusion, where for a blink, 1815 fashions were sported. So cute, had to make Jane Austen style dresses, bonnets and a dandy regency gentleman fashion doll clothes 😀

Monster high doll in Jane Austen world

Monster high doll in Jane Austen world

Wip historical fashion dolls, dupion silk looks luxurious but is pain to sew miniature

Wip historical fashion dolls, dupion silk looks luxurious but is pain to sew miniature

Handmade Barbie, monster high doll clothes and repainted dolls

Pics of previously made stuff…

1. Barbie size print tee shirt and leggings

Monster High Dress

2. Monster high dress + tiny owl necklace.

Hollywood glamour

3. Faux silk red hollywood red carpet dress, fitted to Model Muse Barbie

4. Pearl necklace and earrings

Another 18th century dress

5. Tonner/Ellowyne Size green Marie Antoinette dress + pink skirt


6. Tonner/Ellowyne Green velvet jacket, sleeveles top, dress, pony necklace

Old fashioned gentleman

7. Ken doll Suit – Jacket, vest, shirt, cravat, trousers

Desing clutch

8. Coco Chanel style design hand bag in Barbie size… Barbiestriped jacket… Grey, slightly shiny leggings.

my first vintage Barbie

9. 1950s style dress, fits Vintage Barbies, modern Barbies can also wear. Real dupion silk in pretty blue.


10. Integrity, Fashion Royalty corset – white with beige sateen.


11. Playsuit, striped white and dark blue, Made to fit best Nefera De Nile, the bigger Monster High doll.
Also, polymer clay bananas 😀

Repaints / Custom Dolls

Doctor Who - Ten doll repaint

12. the 10th Doctor Who inspired repaint of Ken / Ryan doll,

Barbie repaint - Angelina

13. Repaint Teresa, tried to make her resemble a little bit more like Angelina Jolie. .

Monster High Repaint - Draculaura/Abby

14. Custom re-paint Monster High Draculaura, with green eyes and blood red lips.


These were the ones I already had pictures of online… more may or may not come… feel free to ask questions, or commission a custom doll (I have half a dozen monster high dolls, few bratz dolls etc waiting to be customized)

Barbie Cosplay – BSG

Barbie Cosplay - BSG

aimed for Tricia Helfer (Number six from Battlestar Galactica) but ended up with Marilyn Monroe wannabe… Will post more wip (had to do little rerooting too) pics and stuff later. Just shamelessly posting this to promote the dress on ebay… I’m so broke…

Radically changing the shape of mouth with just paint is definitely out of my repaint skill range. This Barbie has a wide weird smile while no 6 does not smile, maybe an evil smirk at times. I’ve seen some perfect frowny faces for this character in the FR family, but those dolls are so out of my price range. Did I already mention, click the pic to go to ebay… ?I have doll stuff with 0.99 starting bids…