Forgotten projects 18th century stays – with a twist

I can’t believe I still haven’t finished this! I started it so long ago, wanted to make a truly18th century pink corset, but ended up adding a twist. The center piece IS pink on the other side to make it more “historically accurate” if you wish, but I just love being a little… out of time and this “midnight pastoral” toile with skeletons in early 18th century setting is just too whimsical.

18th Century Stays 07

All that is left to do is to hand stitch the binding to the tabs… it’s like… 90% done, but I just dislike hand sewing that much (I’ve actually machine sewn tabs on renaissance corsets, as they’re slightly bigger tabs but still a task others think insane to do by machine)

And yes, as much as I hate hand sewing, I still enjoy embroidery. Which is, umm, a sort of fancy hand sewing?

hand embroidered 18th century pocket with sailing shipa frigate

18th century pocket with hand embroidered tall ship

Oh well, tomorrow I have a 2 hour train trip (and an hour by bus) so I might as well take this corset with me to finish.