Free Printables: Animal, pirates and ninjas halloween masks for fashion dolls!

Went on and designed a few silly masks for regular playscale fashion dolls like Barbies to print at home 😀
Or, just for fun, or to tease your guinea pig (oh don’t tease guinea pigs…) or print out 50% to get dollhouse scale.
I know they don’t look like much, but took hours for me to make them… I may refine them later and update, but then again, there’s only so many free hours in a day so I thought better share now as otherwise I might forget…

Pirates masks! Ninja masks! Kabuki Mask!

Free printables pirates and ninja masks for playscale fashion dolls, barbie, action figures

Free printables pirates and ninja masks for playscale fashion dolls, barbie, action figures

Animal half masks! Black cat, tiger, bat, dog, lizard and ofcourse, pig and a fly.

halloween masks for dolls, animal masks, cat mask, bat mask dog, pig, tiger, fly, lizard. Free printables!

halloween masks for dolls, animal masks, cat mask, bat mask dog, pig, tiger, fly, lizard. Free printables!

Hero masks. Plain hero masks, just add glitter 😀

Free printables hero masks for playscale fashion dolls

Free printables hero masks for playscale fashion dolls

//not for resale or Re-upload! Feel free to share with link to the original, please 🙂

Print on thicker paper/cardstock. The original is postcard size, approx 10x15cm /4×6” so make sure you’re printing 100% and NOT fit to page otherwise you’ll end up with huge masks! Unless, you want 1/3 masks for SD BJD, then choose to print Fit to page, it might work, let me know! 😀 Though the print quality may be very poor if printed bigger, I re-scaled these to allow easy print in their intended size.

Don’t have a printer?

Made them available as higher resolution greeting cards on Cafepress, should you not have a printer, or maybe someone might find this a nice idea for a combined birthday card including a little gift. The card is folded so you can still write your message there and it won’t get cut 🙂 And honestly, if I’d go and print these to sell, the price would be much higher than cafepress cards…

How to make?

Tutorial coming later! Craft should be easy enough to make without instructions, but there are a few tips and tricks I’d like to share to make sure you won’t get frustrated with this tiny craft – it can be tricky making delicate little masks, so hoping to make video tutorial next week-end.

Stay tuned on this blog and Merineiti youtube channel!

Ps. you can always wish for a craft!
Pps. Yes, I think I’m whimsical enough to make a few celebrity masks available (to print at home only) to your dolls to wear 😀 which celebrity would you want as a miniature mask?


Vampire Costume for Fashion Dolls – video tutorials and free pattern!

Video tutorials for Vampire Halloween costume for fashion dolls are up!

Here you can find and print out the Free Fashion Doll Clothes Pattern 3 piece vampire costume: corset, cape, skirt.

Part 1: How to sew a cape:

Part 2: How to sew the (mermaid) skirt:

Part 3: How to sew the doll corset

I might later make a video on how to sew neater/finer version of the corset as this one is for felt/pvc faux leather or fabrics that do now fray.

Bonus video of accessories may also be broadcast later this month, so Subscribe to merineiti youtube channel to not miss out 🙂

How to sew cape for dolls – Halloween costume tutorial for fashion doll

How to sew Halloween costume cape for fashion dolls and figurines – yes, the size works for 1/6 scale action figures as well.

I tried to make this as simplified as I could… You can make it no-sew cape too, and use fabric glue.
This is part 1 of 3 for How to make vampire halloween costume for fashion dolls youtube video tutorials.
Parts 2 and 3 are for how to sew doll corset and skirt. Possible accessories video may come later this month, so feel free to make requests if you’d like to know how to make something halloween themed 🙂

Here’s the free pattern for Vampire costume for Barbie and Monster High doll costume.

You can also use the same tutorial to sew the Fashion Doll Witch cape pattern from last year.

Free fashion doll clothes patterns: Vampire halloween costume!

As promised, the winner of the Halloween costume poll gets a pattern!

The winner is… VAMPIRES!

 photo halloweenpatternvampirefashiondoll.jpg

This is part 1 of 3 (+extra 4 for accessories may appear later in the month) Other parts will be published during weekend!
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Wanted to go for a more traditional, Victorian / Dracula / hammer horror movies inspired vampire costume for fashion dolls.

The costume patterns are for the cape, mermaid/vampire skirt and corset!

The corset top has three sizes, one for the traditional 11inch wasp waist doll, modern barbie doll and monster high size.

The skirt is barbie size, but can be fitted for smaller figures if you take in the seams.

The cape is pretty much universal, but you may wish to cut the neckline a little smaller for tiny dolls.
If you want a slightly longer cape, you can print the Witch cape pattern from last year!

Maybe tutorials for Halloween Accessories will be inspired, so please subscribe blog / merineiti youtube channelto not miss out  🙂


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Video editing, Barbie Fan group

Whoa been editing videos for youtube (Halloween Vampire Costume for fashion doll tutorial became three videos long!) and agreed to step in as the admin for BarbieFans deviantart group. Hoping to stir some life into it, so if you are on deviantart, or consider joining and like dolls please check it out 🙂

barbiefans deviantart group

barbiefans deviantart group

ps. I’ll be uploading patterns tomorrow, and the videos will be posted 1st October onwards

How do you replace meat in your diet if you can’t eat soy?

TMI Friday, I don’t often post personal things, but this is just something that affects my life as a whole and couldn’t find the right forum online to search more about this. It’s about developing allergies as an adult, and diets (NOT dieting! I’m against dieting, but diets, you know, the stuff that you eat regularly is your diet)

I wonder if there are any vegetarians or food / diet connoisseurs reading this:

I might have developed an allergy to soy 😦

I’ve been mostly vegetarian (from strictly vegan to not eating red meat, and anything in between) all my teen and adult life, but only found soy products a few years ago. I just never liked the texture of tofu, the idea most of it is GMO and the fact “meatless meatballs” and soy grains only got into this distant land of Finland maybe just ten years ago anyway.

Nowadays, I eat soy in all forms from milk, flour, and grains as it’s relatively cheap and fills your stomach very well.

…and at the same time, for the last couple of years, I’ve been wondering, why I have constant stomach pain, and why has my formerly nice skin gone bad. I can count the zits I had in my teens with the fingers of one hand (two. I had TWO zits in six years of our high school) but the last couple of years, almost always a bump or two somewhere on my face. Not. Nice.
I just thought, maybe my bad skin is due makeup? I do have your regular super sensitive nordic fair skin, can’t wear nickel jewelry or use fabric softeners on my laundry. So, I stopped wearing make up foundation. Nothing changed. Well, not for me, maybe for others who had to see my bad skin uncovered… I thought, maybe it’s gluten or lactose that causes stomach pain, as the media today is so eager to tell us that both wheat and milk is bad – the two ingredients, that historically speaking, made our society as we know it, possible… So I’ve switched to lactose free milk or soy milk… and never really ate white flour bread or buns anyway (I love rye bread, and maybe I’m weird but I’ve never liked buns or cupcakes…).

No change. I even joked to my mother that maybe I’m having pimples as an adult because of a really early menopause. She didn’t laugh, as she’s not yet having it either and I guess felt a bit old for me saying that…

The soy being the culprit hit me only just now. Because I have been ill for almost a month, so I hadn’t eaten much of anything, or used any skincare products, lived mostly on porridge and tea, and my skin was looking healthy, stomach was fine.

Then, yesterday, I made some muffins with mostly soy flour. And within few hours, the skin on my face, was again itchy and red. And I was in pain..

So I guess, I might be allergic to soy.

But, I can’t eat meat, mostly because ethical reasons, but partly because when I do eat meat (I just can’t resist smoked reindeer thanks to my lappish mom… it’s both ethical and tastes too good…), I get horrible stomach pain!

What can you eat if you avoid meat but are allergic to soy?
Is there anything else available, that contains B12 vitamin and protein, while being affordable to add to your regular diet?

How to sew Ruffled skirt (for dolls) video tutorial

The video is finally up! So many things went wrong, original footage didn’t work, recording app didn’t function (I usually record with phone,  it’s better than my laptop) and what not… Quickly wrote closed captions in English, in the case the sound is an issue, so click on CC to enable/disable the captions 🙂

Written version of how to sew ruffled skirt for fashion dolls with lots of photos here.

Feel free to like, comment and subscribe, the next video will be up 1st of October and it is HALLOWEEN special!  (Well, most likely I try to upload the video on 29-30th to allow time to fix any issues and write captions, but it will be available on this blog on 1st, youtube subcribers may see it before that)