List of my dolls

*in the middle of updating little by little whenever I have time*

I make patterns and clothes for these fashion dolls. I’ve added the acronyms I might use when talking of certain bodytype. I don’t have patterns for each and everyone (yet) I mostly make clothes for the older body (tnt) and never (bb/fa) and try to make male clothes to fit all kens.

Here’s a list of the different bodies in my fashion doll collection!

Traditional Playscale,

VB Vintage bubblecut
TNT Wasp waist/twist n turn
BB Belly Button
FA Fashionista
MM Model muse
Ken stiff straigh
Ken bend arms twist waist
Ken articulate (older)
Ken/Ryan modern slender
Flavas Ken

Myscene boy

Steffi love
Steffi man

Simba toys Disney princesses

Little ones:

Lil bratz
Littlest petshop blythe

lean, big head, cartoony,
Monster High doll
MH lil sister
MH big sister
MH boy

Ever after high Madeline Hatter (short body eah)

Bratz boy
Bratzillaz gloom beach

Collector 12″,
Integrity Fashion Royalty Veronique (first ed body?)
Integrity Fashion Royalty Veronique (12″FR2?)

Integrity Dynamite Girls TJ (11½)
Integrity homme (13″?)

1:6 action figures,
Female Obitsu 23cm?
Female Kumik medium
Female Idk soldier kumik like
Female Idk us soldier hard plastic

Male DID
Male Dragon
Male Action man
Male 13″ sideshow qui-gon
Male 12″ obi-wan figure
MalePolice idk

1:4 15″ 16″ collector fashion dolls
Ellowyne Wilde
Dorothy Tonner Teen

16″ Tulabelle (similar size as big Poppy Parker)