How to sew ruffled skirt for fashion dolls – monster high, Ellowyne, Barbie…

No printable fashion doll clothes patterns this time, as the pieces are simple rectangles! All you need is a ruler ūüôā
Trying to get a video up later, feel free to ask questions… This is the skirt part, previously tutorial to upper part of Rococo dress for monster high doll.

Follow blog for future skirt tutorial and how to make monster high doll shoes

Follow blog for future doll clothes tutorials. If you don’t sew and wish to have something like this, you can take a look over at my etsy shop¬†¬†or contact me for custom fashion doll clothes commission

Basically, altering the size of the rectangles, you can make this to fit any doll. The waist piece is the one that matters – it should be at least an inch/2.5cm bigger than your doll’s waist to allow small seam allowance and overlap.

Other pieces do not matter as much,  as long as they are wider than the widest part of your doll, and the length is to your liking. So you can make the skirt fuller, or smaller. You can make this style shorter or longer, or sew more tiers of ruffles instead of just one.

Pieces for Monster High skirt:

8cm x 3.5cm (cut two)

13cm x 30cm

5cm x 90cm

Fashion Doll ruffled skirt tutorial under the cut Рlots of pictures! 

Basically, this is how you determine the size of your pattern if your doll is another size than the one noted earlier. Does this make any sense?

 photo kaavaskirtt.jpg

Here are the pieces cut out,  I am making one in Ellowyne size here, easier to see (and sew) the bigger it is.

 photo IMG_8738.jpg

I start with ruffles. BUT if you are unsure of the lenght, you might want to leave this last; how ever it’s just easier to do now if you sew with machine.

 photo IMG_8739.jpg

Turn the hem back.

 photo IMG_8740.jpg

and fold another time.

 photo IMG_8741.jpg

Pin if you need to, and sew the hem

 photo IMG_8743.jpg

Now, fold your skirt fabric half to find the middle part, do the same to the ruffles. Mark with pins, or fabric chalk. You can also mark 1/4 points too, to help make ruffles more even. photo IMG_8744.jpg

This is just to help make the ruffles even later…

 photo IMG_8745.jpg

Start gathering the ruffles, on the top of your ruffle part.

 photo IMG_8746.jpg

Use a loose running stitch.

 photo IMG_8747.jpg

When you have it full lenght, start pulling the thread carefully

 photo IMG_8748.jpg

…to make the ruffles.

 photo IMG_8749.jpg

Now, right side to right side, make sure your half marks, and 1/4 marks meet, and pin down

 photo IMG_8750.jpg

Pull the ruffles carefully to make them sit even, and pin down

 photo IMG_8751.jpg

Do pin down… It will help sewing. You can also make pleads, if you like them better.

 photo IMG_8752.jpg

 photo IMG_8753.jpg

Make sure you have in fact pinned right side to right side! And sew ruffles to the skirt.

 photo IMG_8755.jpg

You may now pull the gathering thread off, or leave it if it doesn’t show on the right side.

 photo IMG_8756.jpg

Turn your ruffles to right position, and iron.

 photo IMG_8757.jpg

You can sew a stitch over the ruffles, to secure the seam allowances. ¬†You can also sew lace, trims, ribbons over the seam00 like in the Monster High dress in the beginning of this post. It is easier to decorate now while it’s still flat, maybe you want to use fabric paint? Go crazy!

 photo IMG_8759.jpg

On top of the skirt part, again find the middle point, and 1/4 points. Also do this on the waist part.

 photo IMG_8761.jpg

Gather the skirt to fit the smaller waist part with running stitch like with ruffles, or plead it.

 photo IMG_8762.jpg

And sew them together, you might wish to leave a cm of the skirt piece longer than the waist, to help finishing the back neater later.

 photo IMG_8763.jpg

Now it’s sewn

 photo IMG_8766.jpg

Turn it over, iron

 photo IMG_8767.jpg

 photo IMG_8768.jpg

 photo IMG_8769.jpg

Now, because I am making this to a bigger doll, a little bulk does not matter; but on monster high, you might just turn the waist piece back on itself without this extra piece.

 photo IMG_8770.jpg

This piece is the same size as the waist piece. Put them right side to right side.

 photo IMG_8771.jpg

Sew them together like this, on the sides only sew as far as the seam between waist and skirt to help finishing it neater.

 photo IMG_8773.jpg

Carefully cut the excess fabric off the corners.

 photo IMG_8774.jpg

 photo IMG_8775.jpg

Also, you may wish to trim the excess fabric off the seam between waist and skirt.

 photo IMG_8776.jpg

There can be a lot of bulk there, if you made a full skirt.

 photo IMG_8777.jpg

 photo IMG_8778.jpg

Turn the waist piece over

 photo IMG_8779.jpg

All the way over to the back side.

 photo IMG_8780.jpg

Make sure the corners are turned well

 photo IMG_8781.jpg

The, turn the fabric in.

 photo IMG_8782.jpg

Pin it down, and sew. You may sew by hand to make it invisible, or if you sew with machine, make sure the fabric extends over the previous stitch, then sew over the seam from the right side to make this new stitch hide in the previous seam.

 photo IMG_8783.jpg

Like this, I sew by machine, but it’s hardly visible in the fold of the previous seam.

 photo IMG_8786.jpg

Iron your dress, and fit it to your doll!

 photo IMG_8787.jpg

You can sew on your snaps, velcro etc. now if you want to, or leave it last.

 photo IMG_8788.jpg

Yay, it fits.

 photo IMG_8789.jpg

Determine the widest part of your doll, the opening in the back should extend as far as the widest part.

 photo IMG_8790.jpg

Mark it, and sew the back seam close as far as your mark.

 photo IMG_8791.jpg

Lastly, you may wish to turn the seam allowances back, and iron or  hand stitch them flat.

 photo IMG_8793.jpg

Fashion Doll Skirt Tutorial is finished! If it made any sense, you can now make lots of skirts to your dolls!

 photo IMG_8794.jpg

 photo IMG_8802.jpg

Feel free to comment and ask if this made no sense, and tell me if you have ideas on how this tutorial could be improved or if there’s mistakes in the language.

I’d also love to see your crafts! You can tag @merineiti (or #merineiti) on Instagram, twitter, +merineiti on google plus…


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  3. English is a funny language, a lady who sews is called a seamstress, a sewer is a drainpipe. Even native speakers make this mistake. And the other mistake is” for your dolls”. If you choose not to post it, it is OK with me. The tutorial is easy to understand.

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