Halloween dolls – which costume patterns / tutorials to make?

Just a reminder, the poll is still up – the winner costume will be made into a playscale fashion doll pattern & tutorial, in time for Halloween!


Halloween costumes are fun! And even more fun in miniature size, as dolls can dress up in Halloween costumes every day of the year if they want to 🙂

What are your favorite things to dress up as for halloween?
Take part in the poll (you can choose three) and/or Comment here in the blog 🙂

Last year, I posted pattern for witch accessories to Barbie doll Witch costume for barbie doll

so maybe something else this year, but what? Even though mostly miniature patterns are published here, it is always possible to scale them up to life size, they will make a bit clumsy clothing but maybe that’s enough for costumes…

I’m asking this early, so that I can actually finish the pattern/ tutorial in time to also eave time for people to make them as well before Halloween.

police costume for barbie dollPolice woman costume for barbie doll… birthstone beauty barbie was perfect for the silly kiss-a-gram Amy…

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