Katniss Everdeen doll getting new clothes

First draft doll dress inspired by the dress in #thehungergames movie #fashiondolls #sewing #Katniss #Girlonfire #hungergames #katnisseverdeen #reddress #barbieFirst draft of the Girl On Fire dress, using what ever fabrics I had at home, so it is by all means not a screen accurate version… though doubt a barbie size would ever be… It lacks the tulle, as I only have white and fear if it is home dyed to red, it might stain the doll. Also wondering if the flames in the skirt tail should be made with glue and glitter (glitter, glitter everywhere) or maybe it’s possible to find f.ex. nail art pieces that would work.

It is Katniss Everdeen doll. Can’t wait repainting her, and doing something with her hair, the goddess headsculpt .is so pretty!

Second version of Mockingjay costume is in progress, (real feathers, or fabric?) and I think I’ll also make the light blue reaping dress, it is quite pretty in it’s simplicity.


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