(By) Jove Boat!

This is a story of an unexpected voyage.
Barbie Cruise Ship 2002
Inspired by this silly pink Barbie Cruise Ship found second hand.

Barbie Cruise Ship 2002 inside
I think perhaps selling it, as it is in such a good condition, in a much better state than my bank balance is.
But, can’t let it go without fooling around a little…
Captain fashion doll

A few visitors have taken the first night on a cruise ship very seriously…
custom repaint  monster high boy doll and male fashion doll by merineiti

“La-la-laa Man, I feel like a woman!”

“Ugh what happened last night?”

“Go totally crazy forget imma lady”

“Please the music isn’t even on, please don’t hassle around before something…”

“Great, now my tomato juice fell down”

“Teehee this tomato fell down as well”

“Oh great, could this be any more embarrassing…”

“I’m fine, don’t worry I’m fine down here!”


“umm maybe it is time for you gentlemen to withdraw to your cabins… take a little nap perhaps, before the karaoke actually starts.”

“Hi up thar, it’s only like not even midnight yet see it’s still sunny outside and all.”

“You are absolutely right about that… as it is ten in the morning…”

“Why did I even ask for more embarrassment… so shamed…”

“Come on let’s go”

“But I want karaoke…”

“Karaoke starts at four, plenty of time for you two to… gather strenght.


“Where’s my wife? Last time we saw she said she was going to our cabin.”

“But where’s MY wife? I can’t even remember the last time I saw her.”

“You’re divorced… you tagged along for the prospect of meeting a new lady friend.”

“Right… where is that then?”

“I don’t know, maybe you didn’t find any… though why are you wearing a woman’s shirt?”

“Am I? Oh, so I am…”


…to be continued?

Sinkkuvaiva sinkkulaiva barbie fashion doll photo story nukketarina

The ship is also the setting for the popular dating reality series, (by) Jove Boat!


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