In the middle of the mess moving cross country

I don’t like to ramble about personal life, but now it affects everything else so I will.

I was planning on moving in the end of March, and within this city.

Bring in some un-expected swirls, and now I’m moving cross country NEXT WEEK!!!

Hurried packing mode engaged! Oh gosh too much stuff!!! Actually, I have very little “normal” stuff like everyday clothes and kitchen ware, I have sold nearly all of the furniture, but… the hobbies! Why can’t I settle with Yoga? If it weren’t for the hobby stuff, I could fit my stuff in a Nissan Micra! Maybe even in Fiat 500!

4 boxes of doll related stuff. 2boxes and an ikea bag of Art related stuff. 1 Box of Jewelry stuff. And sewing stuff?!!! ENDLESS!!! There’s already three boxes and two giant black bags filled with them, AND THERE’S STILL LIKE HALF LEFT!!!! + the dummy, machines and stuff that don’t even fit in boxes!

And being by myself, there’s no one else to help with running errands and calling moving companies and all the other related stuff… Luckily my dog is very persuasive, she doesn’t take no for answer when she wants to go out or wants to eat, so I remember to eat myself when feeding her…

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