Is it gay, if I’m straight and like it?

Finnish design – now on bedsheets! Muscular, butch boys, original art of Tom of Finland, now available on bedsheets by Finlayson.

gay erotica bedsheet tom of finland

tom of finland bedding

Is it gay if you’re straight and you love these?

Most of the Tom of Finland Artis actually from the 70s… or even before! that’s 40 years old, so why is it making headlines nowadays?

I am a single girl myself. I wouldn’t mind sleeping with bedsheets that have sexy boys in them (at the moment, I have boring RistoMatti Ratia sheets, and some Barbie bedsheet and Moomin pillowcases)

And, if in the future I’d meet a guy, who I trusted enough to visit my bedroom, these sheets would be the final test. Would his sense of humor and/or heterosexuality be strong enough to get past homoerotic bed sheets? If not, was he unsure of his own sexuality? Or did he not has the same sense of humor as I did?

What do you think, is this outrageous, fun, or its-about-a-time sort of thing?

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