Pepakura – Papercraft

Kryten (Robert Llewellyn, Red Dwarf) Spare head nro 4

Kryten (Robert Llewellyn, Red Dwarf) Spare head nro 4. Please respect his life choices.

When I first read the word “pepakura” I couldn’t help snickering. “Peba” is Finnish slang for bottom, and “kura” means mud but is also slang for diarrhea … so together, pepakura is umm… not something you’d like talk about.

Okay, I know it’s actually just japanesed word for papercraft. Like Furuba is Fruits Basket.

As I can’t sew due machine trouble, thought about trying this craft out in the meantime.

Here’s the miserable excuse of a first one…

omg my first pepakuraa

I am building a Lara Croft cosplay, and thought how cool would it be to make your own props, like guns. But I could barely construct the magazine for the gun…

So, what to do next? Try to rehearse with simpler project?

No. No can do. Instead, bumped into a pepakura file of Kryten’s head (Red Dwarf)

Printed out, and made it.It’s lopsided, scruffy and I never really figured out the nose.

Kryten (Red Dwarf) mask pepakura

Kryten (Red Dwarf) mask pepakura

But I think some paint might smoothen it out a bit, and I am already thinking of making a new one. As this one came out about 17% smaller than a real head, I really want to scale it up and make it into a wearable mask!

*Okay so you’re supposed to resin the papercraft to make it sturdier. Haven’t yet figured out what is this mythical “Resin” people use, instead had a bottle of decoupage glue/lacque…

So, here’s Kryten’s head decoupaged with cherry blossom napkin, because why not? I call it the Spare Head number 4… the head that mysteriously went lost.

Kryten (Red Dwarf) Spare Head number 4 - respect his life choices

Kryten (Red Dwarf) Spare Head number 4 – respect his life choices

I am also already constructing a bigger Kryten head for a mask, but now it seems I might have scaled it a tiny bit too big – let’s see how it goes, trying to make it resemble Kryten more, and if it is too big for me then maybe someone with a bigger head might want it.

All in all, pepakura – papercraft. What a nice little puzzle!

In which I mean losing a few years of your life due stress and inventing whole new cuss words.

I’m sure someone might actually enjoy this as a hobby, someone who is very patient, likes everything in ruler straight precicion, is very detail orientated and is an over all petty person.

BUT I am a living proof that anyone can make it! Even this freehand sketch loving person can make papercraft. Not perhaps master it, but it’s doable 😛
I suggest starting by reading beginners tutorials about basics and choosing a big scale yet easy project.

I didn’t.

I wish I did, but I’m the kind of “learn by making mistakes, a lot of mistakes” person, but if you hate making mistakes then definitely read instructions first.

It is awful, time consuming, stupid little hobby… but strangely addictive! I’m already thinking of making designs of my own, which would mean learning 3D modeling, which I tried once when I wanted to make clothes designs to sims2 but soon discarded as a ridiculous computer stuff I really don’t need to be learning…


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