Meet Dorothy, my first 1/4 scale doll

She came to me two months ago, naked, and has been left in the closet ever since. I got her out of a whim, I was already getting another doll from the seller, and she was a good bargain, so I though, I want at least one bigger doll, maybe this would be it? She’s very close in size to Ellowyne dolls and other similar 16 inch dolls.

Dorothy Tornado Traveler new clothes

But when I got her, she didn’t really inspire me. Well, I’ve been really tired so nothing has really inspired me for long so maybe it wasn’t her fault…
Today I was cleaning and putting away some stuff and found her again, and began to sew. I had made basic patterns for her when she came, and luckily found them, and even better they were made properly and the pink test dress fit quite nicely.

Didn’t realize how much can a few inches make in sewing! It was so much easier to sew to her than for a Barbie!
I wish my sewing machine was working properly though, really don’t like hand sewing no matter the scale.

Then I got ambitious, and thought she’d be the perfect model to my old time dream project of making the costume of the 8th Doctor from Doctor Who movie.
Which consist of velvet frock coat and other pseudo-victorian style items.

Tonner Doll Dorothy Tornado Traveler custom clothes 16 inch doll

Dorothy – my first 16 inch doll. Made a pink my little pony necklace for her just because.

Memo to myself: Don’t try sewing velvet in doll scale! It’s bad enough in life size…
I tried to sew the 8th Doctor Who style coat, as I had a little left over velvet from the Green Elizabethan Stays but it’s just way too bulky to sit nicely even on a fourth scale doll. It doesn’t even look like velvet on her, rather like she’s wearing fur.

Now she’s not naked anymore, but she’s still barefooted… Can’t have that, the winter is coming!

Next on… the quest for fitting shoes, or making them from scratch?

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