Just wondering about dogs watching TV…

This is totally random in terms of this blog, but I might have figured out why my dog watches the British “It’s Me or the Dog” but does not care for the US “Dog Whisperer”.

US TV is shot in NTSC format, while most European programs use PAL. Our region is PAL.

The most basic difference between them is NTSC uses frame rate of 30 while PAL only has 25.

When they are shown in different areas, they are either showing same frames twice, or skipping over frames to fit in the standard, so a NTSC shot program would not be exactly the same when shown in PAL area.

The difference is too little for humans to notice, but is it enough for dogs? Or is it the more prominent editing US shows seem to have, distorting the sounds?

I don’t know. I’m not in the science career, but if someone is missing something silly to study for their thesis, this might be interesting…

On another note, one of my dog’s favorite programs is Minuscule 😀 I love that series, but was super surprised when I realized my dog was watching it too, very keen with her head tilting from one side to another to see what the critters do.

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