Photography tips

This morning the Youtube recommends section was spot on! This must be one of the best short photography videos I’ve seen, it covers the very basics of a fashion/novelty portrait photoshoot in a clear way.

Even if you only have a camera on your phone, the tips here on lightning, makeup, posing etc. will help make the pictures look more professional even if your camera isn’t.

They also have a book to accompany, with more videos. I am very tempted in getting this one, especially as the reviews are also good: Tony Northrup’s DSLR Book: How to Create Stunning Digital Photography

I do not even have a DSLR camera myself (yet… I’ve used them before, even an old film slr camera at an art class and we got to actually develop the pictures ourselves!), but understanding the basics of photography will help make best of your regular pocket camera as well.  They may not have ISO/ aperture / shutter speed settings as such, so you will have to dig into your cameras pre-made settings to find the closest representative of them.

F.ex. the fast shutter with wide aperture  is often called “Sports” setting in pocket cameras… so, instead of sticking to “portrait” setting on your pocket camera, try experimenting with other settings as well!

I try to find time to write a short tutorial on pocket cameras, I have a cheap Canon at the moment, and a really old Nikon which I need to get new battery to. I’ve kept that one since even if it has half the pixels, it does have some advantages to the new one.
Well, and I do have samsung camera phone, that gets used the most simply because it’s usually with me… That’s one of the reasons I haven’t got DSLR camera yet, because with an expensive, big thing like that, what are the chances you have it on you when you see something worth photographing?

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