How to dress up in 18th Century clothes

18th century gown 'pet-en l'air

18th century gown ‘pet-en l’air” a.ka short french robe by merineiti

Should have made a dress up guide years ago, but glad others have beat me to it 🙂 Here’s is a couple of great youtube dressing ups by cazonetta, and some other links to help you on how to actually put on the 18th century dresses, and which is the right order to put on all those layers:

1740-1770 – the court style, with a lots of petticoats 🙂

The late 18th century, with slimmer figure – see how she is pinning the jacket shut. People new to 18thcentury/ colonial may at first think it’s a weird way of closing your garments, and often makes their first gowns with hooks and eyes and even with velcro or hidden zippers, but personally I’ve found pinning with quality sewing pins to be the best! You might poke yourself the first times, but soon learn the best way to do it and also how many and in which places to pin yourself into your clothes.

An Easy18th Century petticoat site also has good pictures on how to make an 18th century petticoat, and how to dress it.

Also, can not talk about 18th Century clothing without mentioning

This was one of the first sites I ever come across when starting to make rococo clothes back in 2008. It is still one of the best basic sites, and here’s the link to their dressing up guide:

If you’re interested in making 18th century stuff yourself, that is also the link where to start. You’ll find patterns to basic clothing, as well as tips and tutorials on hair, makeup and men’s gear.

And any questions, feel free to ask!

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