How To make a cheap photo reflector out of recycled materials

how to make reflector

I’ve been studying online about lighting your photos, and stumbled upon a DIY reflector video, which required to purchase quite high end materials to make it… I’d rather use stuff already around the house, so that’s why I made this video tutorial to help other poor souls out there 🙂

This idea is not 100% mine, I think it is something I originally learnt as a teen, aspiring to pursue a career in indie horror film maker (which obviously  never happened), from a book titled something like Film making for beginners. It said, just take a giant piece of cardboard, and glue some aluminun foil over it. Cheap and works wonders.

In this video, I am taking it even further down the zero budget lane, by using even more recycled materials.

Basically, silver reflector gives the most light to your subject, while white reflector is more subtle and soft. Golden reflector gives a really warm feeling, but you may also experience with all sorts of shiny things (pocket mirrors, jewellery, christmas decor) to give your photos cool effects without the use of photo editors.

If you have more money than crafting skills, or just want something more professional looking, there are Commercial photo reflectors available in various sizes and price range.


Comments would be more than welcome, I have never been very good at explaining things and am new to making tutorials.

And since we never learnt to actually speak English at school (we were taught to read, write and listen) I’d like to know if you can understand what I am saying, or if I should just use captions and subtitles like in previous videos?

I’m also thinking about making a quick tutorial on How to trick your compact camera into thinking they are a DSLR camera 😀
I used to photograph a lot, but never could afford professional camera, so I’ve learnt to make the best of the cheap toys.
I have managed to pick up all sorts of tricks and tips along the way – it’s amazing how much you can learn when you’re constantly poor and can’t afford ready made things or repairmen – so I am thinking of making more little tutorials in the future.

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