Thrift store finds and practical cosplay ideas

trift store finds

Sometimes you just feel you have to have something even if you have no need for it at that moment. These fabrics were like that. First one is good 2m of lightweight wool or wool mix, from salvation army flea market for only 3,50€ I just couldn’t leave it there!
The other one is a few meters of  very nice cotton/elastane blend. In blue camouflage. I know, what in the world would I need that for?! Had no idea why I would need blue camouflage, but it was just 4€ at another flea market, so I got it anyway.

At first I thought about making “Autumn Shorts” out of the wool, sort of short shorts to wear with black belt and thick pantyhose.

But then I saw part of the movie Salt on tv, and saw this simple grey suit. Very basic, yet the slit on front side  is enough detail to make it stand out.

Angelina Jolie – Salt – grey suit

And if I cut very very carefully, the wool in the picture might just be enough! I am starting with the skirt, and see how much is left of the fabric, if not enough for a jacket maybe a vest then.
Started a pinterest board on “Practical Cosplay ideas for daily wear” because movies / TV is full of great ideas. I find fashion world too trendy and hectic to follow, while movie costume designers usually plan way ahead, trying to find outfits that would not outdate the film in just a few years.

BUT the blue camouflage?! I’ve been annoyed by it for months now, and had no idea for it. Well, one was to make an overall to wear at the house, while painting with acrylics (I can not seem to paint without half of it on me) but felt it would be waste of quality fabric…

Today I came across with pictures from Tomb Raider III video game. I played this as a kid – or rather my sister played most of it and I watched as I am a crap at games –  and had totally forgotten that Lara Croft wears blue camouflage in it. Maybe the image had burnt in the memory?
Not something to wear at town unless you’re a teenager, but the fabric material is perfect for making trousers suitable for running in the woods with the dog.

Tomb Raider 3 – Area 51

Sometimes initial buyer’s remorse becomes great find 🙂

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