Have you got your Halloween costume sorted out yet?

Costumer’s favorite feast is creeping up – and I’m wholly unprepared! Also surprised to find out there seems to be no theme parties held in this town, or Finland in general (If you know any, hint this way!) ūüė¶ Anyway, won’t stop me from dressing up, even if it means being only one in town.

I got myself a set of Vampire Fangsbut as I’ve fallen into a Red Dwarf binge, I might go as the Cat instead. A trip to thrift store is in place…

Although I can imagine everyone might just think it’s a fancy version of Dracula… well. I can live with that.

I have a bumblebee costume, and a leopard coat to choose for the dog, but might draw some new inspiration for the pet costumes that seems to become just more and more ridiculous each year… thankfully the dog doesn’t mind wearing clothes, ¬†she actually likes them since her own fur isn’t very thick.

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