Pattern: geeky short shoulder warmer

 photo 3b5f51c7-f5a9-4bbb-8ebf-b51ed0b4a114.jpg
…or, an easy Star Trek: the Next generation cosplay.

A silly little craft I made the other day just because. Now, sharing it  if someone may find it amusing. This blog lacks tutorials/patterns, mostly because I lack the skills to instruct… yet this should be  fairly simple to make without big tutorials.

simple easy star trek the next generation cosplay, just a mustard jersey, shoulder thing with merineiti pattern, wig off ebay and you got your Tasha Yar all ready to be finished by a blob of mämmi

second hand jersey, quick-sew shoulder thing and a wig off ebay. Ready to be killed by a blob of mämmi.

Sizing, the original pattern was for an european size 42 (though I use a sewing size chart, not vanity, so it might be closer to 40/12)  but really depends on your shoulders, I have quite wide shoulders, so it may fit larger size too, and is always easy to cut smaller. Maybe make a mock up with draft fabric first to see if you need to add or remove from pattern. Or, if you’d like considerably different size, why not leave an enthusiastic comment and I may draft another next time the urge to draw patterns arises.

As it has only two pieces and shoulder seams, should be fairly simple to alter for different sizes. And, if you use non fraying fabric, like craft felt, you can just cut to fit, or even have someone else to pin it and sew to shape around your shoulders while you’re wearing it.

And, you can always add to the lower edge to make it longer… Actually that was my first idea, to make a geeky capelet to wear around the house when cold winter arrives… but I’d need to find matching wool for the lower part, and only had black in hand. And a mustard jersey I got from flea market, to be cut to make doll size clohes, but apparently it fits so I don’t know anymore 😛

The neck opening may be a bit loose, I like it this way as it makes my short neck seem a bit longer, but if you wish you can also add a cm/half an inch to the front neck opening.
Add more around the shoulder edges and center back/front if you need bigger sizes, or cut off some if smaller.

If you want more detail, you may cut the patterns in half and sew piping there and around neck as in the series (remember to add seam allowance)  but I was lazy and just drew the detail on with a golden hue of 3D effect fabric paint.
 photo tekstiliivari.jpg

I also included a pattern for the collar they had in later seasons, but haven’t tried it out myself yet. I can only trust I still remembered how to draw collar patterns…

HERE is the patterns:

Save (the blog has “cut” part of images to fit in page, but the saved images should be  complete) Print each full bleed A4. They should fit in the size, without margin. At least I did draw them on regular A4 copy paper, which I then scanned with my crappy scanner.

 photo olkaharpakekaava1.jpg
 photo olkaharpakekaava2.jpg

 photo olkaharpakekaava3.jpg

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