…and of dolls

gosh I’m bad.. I have a flea market Ken doll, that has the same face mold as the official 2009 Kirk Ken doll, I was wondering, should I customize him into Pine!Kirk or Shatner!Kirk. Now, I’m bad… I purchased the actual Star Trek doll, found on local online auction… so guess this means I can have both 😛 Any how, I have a little rant for all online doll sellers, including both toy companies and ebay sellers…

y 5 similar front pcs instead?

y 5 similar front pcs instead?

Please, please, please would you mind posting a side view photos of the doll face! f.ex. ebay allows 4 pics for free, and tsillion for pay…

I’m glad people usually have atleast two, a close up of the face, and a full body pic, but I’m curious about the use of the rest of the pictures. I understand, if there is something wrong with the item a detail pic is in question… But, I encountered many listings, that had used all pictures for almost identical pics of the face front! I just took a risk with a doll on ebay…

I really want a cute custom Data doll (Star Trek: The Next Generation) but the biggest problem is the profile. His profile view definitely isn’t flat as most dolls have… Yes, I can live with a smoothed down doll version, especially as the character in question is an android, so a doll version is more than suited, but I’d like to have at least some resemblance to the actor and their pretty features. So the flat faced, MJ nosed Kens are a no-no.

Save Data before closing - accidental fun when drawing in firealpaca

Save Data before closing – accidental fun when drawing in firealpaca

So, taking a risk with a doll off ebay… Front view, doll looked nice, and had a pale body which is hard to find in itself so atleast I can use that and the price was okay even for just the body. But what if I don’t find a good head? Make a fake nose from Sculptey? Whaat?

Or maybe it’s time to start sculpting your own face molds… I’ve made clay busts in the past, but they were tricky even when they’re almost life size. Miniature scares me.

So, please, if you’re selling a doll, or posting pics of your dolls, would you mind taking some shots from their profile /silhouette as well? Quarter views are appreciated too, and in many cases they will also compliment your doll (as well as your own selfies) better than pic straight from the front. I often buy dolls with a certain character in mind, and many cases the side view is just as important as the front.

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