18th Century (and Victorian) gown projects

The weather is getting better – or maybe I’m just getting used to it – sewing inspiration is back!

So, projects. I will be making something like this, I already have taffeta of similar pink. I have some light blue/mint fabrics that may look good for the robe, but I kind of like the yellow. I have a bit of yellow silk, but it may be too modern hue, and not enough of it perhaps. So I guess, need to visit the fabric store and get yellow synthetic taffeta. I know I know, synthetic, but it looks nice and cuts the budget.
I kind of like the 4/5 sleeves, exiting touch, longer than “regular” 18th century, yet shorten than regular nowadays. Though, in the fear of someone thinking that this is a mistake instead of style choice, I may end up with the elbow length with ruffles anyway, as I plan on selling the dress. Also, I am going to draft a basic pattern for a few dress sizes bigger than my usual model, an example that I can make clothes in different sizes. I know I wouldn’t be confident ordering custom made clothing from someone who only showcases clothes worn by skinny models… 

Marie Antoinette pink and yellow 18th century gown – will be making this

I also have enough of this fabric to make another “robe a l’anglaise” or polonaise like this (up to size L), but I always felt the pattern is a bit too… Victorian. Unfortunately, not enough fabric to make that sort of early victorian flowing dresses. So, I don’t know. This original dress did sell quite quickly though, so maybe they weren’t so snob about the pattern, or maybe they wore it with Victorian dress underneath. Who knows.

18th century style dress, though the pattern is more victorian

18th century style dress, though the pattern is more victorian


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