Too hot to sew, so I drew

It’s +30 degrees. I was happier when it was -30… you can always put on more clothes, but what do you do if you’re already in bikinis and it’s not socially acceptable to stroll around naked? So, did not sew, instead watched some Star Trek: The Next Generation (it’s been rerunned like trillion times but I still haven’t seen all episodes) and actually got around to draw and paint a little. It’s been too long, getting rusty…
Sorry, my scanner seems to think he’s a digital camera from the 90s… or one of those early cameraphones, the quality and color recognition is that bad šŸ˜¦




hee you keep telling yourself that, dear Tasha

Picard facepalm

Picard facepalm. and dandelions, just because I don’t even

Data's pipe

Data’s pipe

Oh, and as I have no use for star trek cosplay clothes for myself, I guess I’ll just have to make some in doll size… Ken doll must have one of those st:tng male miniskirt uniforms x)
(and as I already made Lal I would love to make a custom Data…)

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