Inside Etsy Shop – Pics of Merineiti factory and huge office

Etsy is now encouraging their shop owners to have an about page partly because, I guess it makes it easier to differentiate different shops and handcrafters, but also to show where the items come from. There has been a flooding of fraud sellers, trying to make sales on etsy with manufactured items they get off ebay and aliexpress (and awfully lot have made considerate sales before they’ve been removed!) Etsy is still strictly handmade/vintage/craft supply but unfortunately bad seeds always pop up, so this is one way of helping to make sure the etsy shop is genuine.

About page, most of the fraud sellers have no info about them on their etsy page whatsoever. Or, they have very suspicious about page… f.ex someone with a etsy shop full of factory made looking bags had an about page stating their mother makes all the bags… I got curious, because they had hundreds of different bags, with huge amount of color choices. So, just a simple photo search with only one of the design, there were thousand hits on ebay with the same bag, exactly same picture.. supermomma? Right?

So, okay, my about page is in progress I don’t really know what I should tell and what not, but I did manage to take a few snapshots of my “factory”.

merineiti factory in the living room corner

merineiti factory in the living room corner. I dream to upgrade to more professional sewing machine… doll has edwardian brassiere mock up on, the painting is unfinished, put it on the wall so I would get annoyed and finish it, but I’ve just got used to it as it is now 😛

merineiti office is situated on top of chest of drawers

merineiti office is situated on top of chest of drawers. 

From “office” obviously my little pocket camera is missing since I took the pic with it. Oh and where is all the pictures on the wall! I switched room order recently, and haven’t yet had time to put everything in place. Okay, must take new picture later. I also usually have more than one coffee cup around… And yes, I think it’s pretty accurate there is no pen around (I see thick marker, but that’s pretty useless with the tiny notepad) o_O  There never seem to be any near when you need them, I have no idea where they go hide!!! 

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