I got 20 inch waist!!! You can too, with this vanity measuring tape?

Yep. Check this out.

vanity measuring tape...?

vanity measuring tape…?

So, I got a batch of cute, colorful measuring tapes off ebay, and I was so happy to have found a tape with cm on the other side and inches in the other! Would have made life so much easier! These weren’t even the cheapest… so I expected atleast a bit of quality.

I was going to give them free with measuring guide to customers who may want to order custom clothing from me, but glad I checked first!!! I would have been in so much trouble if customer should have measured them with this, and then I’d use my old reliable rulers to draft patterns…
The cm side is off whole cm, which isn’t that bad, but the inch side?! Yes, with this tape I have a 20 inch waist. Umm… not… since these “inches, as you can see from the photo, are a LOT bigger than actual inches (okay, my school ruler may be a 1/16 inch off but I also checked with all other tapes and rulers found in the house… and definitely know my waist is nowhere near 20…)

This would have resulted in very wrong clothes. 

And the basic reason for me handing out measuring tapes (+ instructions) was to avoid wrong measurements… gotta find a wholesale supplier for a known brand tapes…  And find some ingenious craft to use this for, I’ve got like 10 of these… Any takers for a vanity measuring tape?


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