Poll: 18th century styles – made to measurement

I’d like to add more custom made 18th century styles to etsy shop.
BUT I need to make a sample dress to have awesome photoshoot with, to showcase that yes, I can make the style and how it will look with or without corsets etc. These are all styles I have experience with, can be patterned with measurements,
and can be made within various price range,  historical accuracy, materials, trims and colors.

French style / pannier dress:

 photo yellow6.jpg

18th century dress French style, Marie Antoinette. Should this be offered as custom made rococo dress?

English style printed cotton dress:

 photo 1780.jpg

18th century dress, english style Should I offer this style as made to order dress?

Colonial style woolen jacket and dress:

 photo maryb29.jpg

Would you like custom made colonial wool jacket dress (long sleeves, maybe even a simple 18th century riding habit in style)

The dress in far right.
I have made men’s outfit similar to what these gents wear, but I feel as there already exist suppliers like Jas.Townsend that have more experience and fair prices, I’m happy to leave men’s wear for now but can always make exception for Finnish / European customers that may not wish to order over seas.

So what do you think? Which style should be made available first?

Take the poll to vote for your favorite style!
Best case scenario, I will have it up for sale just in time for upcoming Halloween.

Something else? The only Regency spencer jacket I’ve made sold quite quickly (and I’ve made an empire ball gown the customer loved), so I’m considering empire clothing, but again, there already exist suppliers so I feel I need more practice to be able to offer superior quality because living in one of the most expensive countries in the world I cannot compete with prices.



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