18th century event missed

I’m a little sad 😦 

I think I’m in the mailing list to many historic groups and re-enactment, as well as keeping up with sailing events, still I just learnt that today would have been the most awesome re-enactment event ever – the (sea) Battle of Gangut between Russia and Sweden on Finnish coast – and I learnt it from RUSSIAN NEWS spot! 

After the event is already gone 😦

Sad, sad sad little puppy I am 😦  

I don’t usually even watch Russian news, so I could have very well missed the whole event ever even happening. I haven’t seen anything about it on Finnish news, checked my emails but there’s nothing there either. I don’t know how they gathered the re-enactors, with carrier pidgeons? 

Oh well… the ships start sailing towards my town tomorrow, so hopefully atleast get to see them in the weekend, but missing the opportunity to be a part of historic sea battle – both as a re-enactor and sailor – is truly disappointing.

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