Why I have lacked sewing past few days… stupid comic books.

I was going to take some old comics to sell (I used to collect star wars and X-men and other marvel comics from the 80s some years ago, and have some star trek, Phantom and 90s/00 star wars too) but ended up reading them instead x)
It’s almost like I hadn’t read them before.

 photo notasit.jpg

See, while my sister is one of those people who remembers everything – she has to buy new things to read and watch because she still remembers comics and movies from even early childhood – my brain works differently.

If it is info I’m unlikely to use, or haven’t used in a while, I forget.

It’s just no use remembering plots to movies or comics, celebrity gossip or what the heck is interrogatiivipronomini even though once it had to be memorized on a Finnish language exam. so my head seems to discard this info to make room for something more useful.
Unfortunately this also means I do not remember almost any of my old classmates’ names either. Actually, I don’t even remember all my boyfriends names, or at least surnames. And I’ve had very few. As far as I remember.
If I wait a few years I can enjoy my favorite flicks like they’re brand new!
Downside, when I bump into those old acquintances, it’s awkward…

This is also why I keep on learning, reading and sewing constantly because I have to make my brain realize this is the info that must be burnt into memory.

Never mind who won the first Big Brother, but I need to always remember how to pattern a notch collar.

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