Greetings from the Sunny Finnish Summer!

Greetings from the Sunny Finnish Summer!

The saying goes, Finnish summer is short and hardly snowy.

On the positive note, bad weather is good because I have no excuses not to catch up on computer stuff. I actually purchased a domain for me! is all mine, mine… I also have a trial version of better home page provider, and I think I may purchase it after as well.
I’ve make do with free sites, but after what happened to my last one (It said it’s free, it said it will ALWAYS be free, but last time I tried to log in, my site was unavailable, and that I have to pay huge monthly fee if I want to continue using it. Great. Thanks. I couldn’t even download all the texts I had made :/) so I think I can spend a few bucks to make sure I have a site that does not suddenly put mail order wife ads on it or disappear altogether

The site is working, but still a construction site. I wish to have all static info put in there, and I just hope to integrate this blog too. And offer Finnish/swedish as language choice as well, I’m still awed that I’ve made maybe 3 local sales, handful of european sales and a lot overseas, to USA, Canada, Australia, NZ… It kind of makes me wonder if I should consider taking a huge step and moving to one of those countries.
Grand opening of the site will follow with treats, I’ll be announcing it all over the place when that happens.

okay, picture is from winter 2012. But it could very well be like that to me, it seems I’m not getting to go sailing this summer at all :/

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