Barbie Cosplay – BSG

Barbie Cosplay - BSG

aimed for Tricia Helfer (Number six from Battlestar Galactica) but ended up with Marilyn Monroe wannabe… Will post more wip (had to do little rerooting too) pics and stuff later. Just shamelessly posting this to promote the dress on ebay… I’m so broke…

Radically changing the shape of mouth with just paint is definitely out of my repaint skill range. This Barbie has a wide weird smile while no 6 does not smile, maybe an evil smirk at times. I’ve seen some perfect frowny faces for this character in the FR family, but those dolls are so out of my price range. Did I already mention, click the pic to go to ebay… ?I have doll stuff with 0.99 starting bids…

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