How to make pet bed from fluffy throw blanket

I have this awesome soft teddy like zebra print throw blanket that I’ve used as a bedsheet. It’s starting to look a bit scruffy even after washing, so now it’s gonna become… a pet bed!

 photo IMG_6690.jpg

Click “more” for the instructions!

 photo IMG_6673.jpg
Basically, fold the blanket in half
 photo IMG_6674.jpg
Fold it in half again.
 photo IMG_6675.jpg
Fold it… why do I have so many pictures of folding?
 photo IMG_6676.jpg
you might not need as many folds if you have a bigger dog. Fold as many times as it fits your dog, you may need another old blanket or pillow to use as a stuffing for bigger dogs or with less fluffy blanket.
 photo IMG_6677.jpg

Roll the shorter side with the most loose ends a little bit to form a “pillow”.

 photo IMG_6678.jpg

Use long needle to sew the “pillow” in place. You can also roll and old, washed towel inside the pillow part to make it bigger.

 photo IMG_6679.jpg

Sew around the edges, leave one edge open. If your pet likes to tear things apart, sew securely. But if your pet behaves, you may sew with less stitches, so you can actually cut them apart when you want to wash this so it will wash properly. But no need for that, if your blanket fit in your washing machine, so will this bed with stuffing removed.

 photo IMG_6680.jpg

Now, add another blanket, old towel or a pillow for extra cushion, if you need.
Place the bed on your pet’s favorite spot, and wait for him or her to get tired.
 photo IMG_6683.jpg

Congratulations! You have just made a FREE, washable pet bed! Because you had already bought the blanket and it had come to the end of it’s life as blanket. Unless you bought it just to make this. Well, at least the stuffing is free. Unless you bought it for this, which I really hope you didn’t, it makes much more sense to buy new towels for you bathroom and use the old (washed) ones for this.


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