Fashion Doll tights / leggings – Free Pattern!

pattern for tights for Barbie, Nefera and Madeline Hatter

Yay, time for another free doll clothes pattern! Or three, actually.

Pantyhose/ tights / leggings for Fashion dolls! There is one drafted to fit a Belly Button Barbie, one for Monster High Nefera de Nile, and one for Ever After High Madeline Hatter. I hope you find these useful, especially when Nefera and Madeline have bodies that are unique in their doll line (I love them for that!) which means there isn’t really clothes made for them.

Might fit for other dolls, Barbies, Disney Princesses etc. 11½ fashion dolls, maybe with some tweaking. If you sew by hand you may try to sew on the doll – just be sure not to make the tights so tights you can’t take them off! Also note, that you can only make really form fitting tights from elastic fabric. Like you may see in my pantyhose, the green on Nefera is a slightly elastic mesh/tullé while the pink and black are very stiff. The elastic mesh looks better. You’re not limited to mesh – you can try using any material, even your old tights if you dare! You can also make very tight leggings with this pattern.

doll mesh tightsMH Nefera de Nile, EAH Madeline Hatter, Bellybutton Barbie

There’s basic sewing info on the pattern; I am also making a video to try to explain how to sew this, so follow my youtube channel if you want to know when new tutorials are up 🙂
The pattern should fit full A4, with no margin. If you have awful windows 7 (like me) try not to use the automated printing, even mspaint offers better printing options…

You may always commission me to sew you a pair as well…

Tights pattern for fashion dolls - for personal use only

Tights pattern for fashion dolls – for personal use only. 

4 thoughts on “Fashion Doll tights / leggings – Free Pattern!

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  2. Just curious because I can’t seem to find decent info anywhere and your tutorial looks pretty good. How did you draft the patterns? Taking measurements isn’t a problem it’s just putting it on paper that gets me. It would be a big help.Thanks

    • Hi! Sorry I’ve been on long hiatus… For bigger human like dolls you could basically use drafting instructions of human size patterns (you could find online about “drafting basic block”) but for small dolls I find it easier to drape muslin fabric over it, hand sew a bit, and then cut the garment out and trace that fabric pattern into paper (“draping” or perhaps “draping method” might find you instructions on google, I’m sorry my links are on another computer hope I’m making even slightly sense here…) because their body may be way off from natural human bodies.
      There’s also third method I’ll need pictures to explain, but definitely adding that to the list of things/tutorials to do one day.

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