ooo look who’s becoming a fabric designer!

ooo look who's becoming a fabric designer!

aaaaa!! I’m so excited! A parcel from spoonflower (fabric print on demand) came today!
It took almost three weeks, but the result was worth it. I ordered test swatches of 5 of my miniature fabric designs.
Three of them were perfect! One of those even better than I had expected.
One was okay, the pattern a tad too big for dolls but the design nice for quilting or purses.
One was, awful, way too dark. It was the only photomanip, looked awesome on computer screen, but apparently not printed. I had also used pictures of Grumpy cat, which I’ve now found out is a copyrighted(!) so I wouldn’t be able to sell it anyway. So, either I’d need to draw a really cartoony parody version, or just turn to the pile of cat pictures I’ve taken myself. I think I’ll focus on drawing fabric designs, as photo fabrics don’t seem to work at least not in miniature size.

But, I think 3 perfect and 1 passable amongst five is a good percentage when I’ve never done this before! (We did have fabric design in theory at school)
Anyhow, the good ones are now up for sale, if you’re in need for miniature historical patterns for dolls or other reasons 🙂
I know spoonflower fabrics are pricier than sale findings somewhere else, but remember that even a test swatch is big enough for quilt, small doll dress or dollhouse decoration. And fat quarter is enough to make a few doll dresses!
Off to design some more miniature size prints… How would some colourful African style patterns look… and cherries, got to have miniature cherry fabric, right?

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