Sewed a little mass production…

…and by little, I mean both in quantity and in size:

 photo IMG_6439.jpg

These are just a little bigger than a matchbox! Sixth scale Fashion Brand tote bags 😀

Yes, tiny “brand” totes to give out as gifts for people who purchase doll clothing from my etsy shop!

 photo IMG_6438.jpg

“Merineiti Urban Doll” lets make this a well known brand in the doll world 😀

Usually I sew everything “atelier” style, meaning that you make one item at a time.
Sewing in organized serial style means you make lots of items at once, making each step at a time, cutting in a batch, sewing the same seams in all of the items before going to the next seam etc. In factories, one person may be responsible of sewing single seam (or ironing, cutting may be done with computer programmed machines, or manually with cutters that can cut through multiple fabrics stacked on top of each other at one go!) and handing it to the next person in line to make the next step. Even when doing it just by yourself, it saves time, and also material when you cut everything at once figuring out the best way to use the fabric to fit all. BUT.

Mistakes that you’re unlikely to make when focusing on one piece happen regularly… like these:

 photo IMG_6440.jpg

Small scale mass production reject bin

I’m also getting new prints up! I should be sewing, and arranging an awesome  fashion show photoshoot to actually help make a sale,but I’m just getting inspired all over the place… I love oldskool sailor tattoos and Sailor Jerry style especially, so of course I’d need at least one print to celebrate that! Here’s the first draft (also, tank tops will be available soon too):

 photo IMG_6413.jpg

…I also had other pics on the print sheet, and this happened for a while:

 photo IMG_6412.jpg
Aww Loki you dollface xD My doll will definately need Tom Hiddleston all over her chest! Wait, what?!
(I don’t think I’ll have this up in my shop, even if it IS my own fan art… but you can always ask what I hold under the counter…)


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