Snow White, but which one?

Found Simba’s Snow White doll from a flea market, a bargain. Little bit scruffy, hair is a mess etc. but the frame of the doll is in good condition, no bite marks or dirt that didn’t come up in a bath. Perfect for repainting
 photo IMG_64081.jpg

But, how should I paint her? Her dress was also in quite good condition, so at first I thought I’d just make a little face up, a little bit cuter than the original but not too different.

Then, the ivory doll with black hair inspired me with more gothic imaginery – a vampire Snow White, maybe reroot a little longer hair, blood red lips etc. and a black and red re-make of her original dress.

Then, another idea, why not Once Upon A Time Snow White? As the doll’s own hair is pretty much beyond saving, I could just cut the doll’s hair in a pixie cut as in the series, and then try and craft her a long wavy wig to wear as the flashback Snow White!

I haven’t actually come to conclusion about what to do about her (I do have half a dozen dolls to work on as it is), but I do know I will re-paint her. So I thought I’d just prepare her anyway so she’ll be ready when the final inspiration comes, so I washed her hair and wiped off her face when…

 photo IMG_64101.jpg

AAAA nooo it’s the girl from The Ring!

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