Rococoo… goth and one wip

I got a few items up to etsy… like this 18th century gown, that definately has a pre 1750 look to it… almost 17th century, because of the fabric colors.

…and this modern corset top. I am in love with Alexander henry fabrics 🙂

coming soon, at etsy near you...

coming soon, at etsy near you…

This is not in Etsy yet, but I just had to share!!! I found *real* silk ribbon in my stash (did a fire test to it, and now the room smells of burnt hair) and lace that matches! I haven’t yet decided will I add sleeve ruffles, or a strip of fabric to trim the sleeves, as while the lace is perfect in color, it is not very wide… Would be shame to hide it behind really big ruffles. Now I wish I’d made this to my current size… or maybe I’m glad now I decided to use one of the older patterns that don’t fit me anymore,  or I wouldn’t be able to sell it.


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