Sneak peeks at 18th century gowns coming soon

Just quick pics on some gowns I’m working on. They’re both at the point when all you need is some hand sewing and trims, and even though I do enjoy embroidery, I do not enjoy the ordinary, simple hand sewing… So, these would be done today, if I were the least inspired. Anyway, they will be available at etsy when done, or ebay if I dare to start using that one. Green around size M/L and cream xs/s.

curtains didn't fit the new apartment

curtains didn’t fit the new apartment, became gown

Elizabeth Swann inspired gown

Elizabeth Swann inspired gown… looks like a vintage wedding gown at the moment… it needs cuff ruffles and maybe lilac belt/sash?

 photo LovingYouToo.jpg

I got the fabric having Elizabeth Swann s gown in Pirates of the Caribbean in mind, but I see cream is way too white for this…  and the fabric not as stiff as the look here. So the gown I made will be different, towards end of 18th century and will be available at etsy 

Oh, and this completely different thing I did today (not coming to etsy, but maybe tutorial will)…
Pink fabric and metallic/glitter fabric paints. Just because.

These will become bedsheets for dolls... couldn't resist pink batman...

These will become bedsheets for dolls… couldn’t resist pink batman…

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