Pin Up Bikinis for Barbie…

Pin Up Bikinis for Barbie...

…or Christie, as in the picture 😀 Oh man I struggled with the shorts pattern! I wanted to make them snug, mini and low waist. It took a few drafts after the result was what I was after but now I have a perfect pattern to variate. Though, it’s only perfect for bellybuttons, it’s okay for fashionista, but not perfect. And awful (at least to my eye) for 90s Barbie. I only have this maybe gymnastic Barbie? Or cyclist? 1991 Barbie for a model to older wasp-waisted barbie, so I don’t really want to try and tweak a pattern after her, since I’m unsure how her peculiar  body is compared to more common older Barbies.
Also, the bikini top went through many variations.  It works, but I think I’ll still continue perfecting it, a tiny changes like positioning the dart more towards the side for a more aesthetic look. Aaand… note to self, time to maintain and tinker the sewing machine! The stitching is a bit un-even. Sewing this small the stitchline will never be perfect, but if the stitching itself is uneven to start with it will be just so much worse.

AND NO I AM NOT GOING TO MAKE MY LIFE EASIER BY HAND SEWING! I will sew by machine. Even Monster High doll clothing.

Here modeled by “half repaint” after Psych! Juliet O’Hara (Maggie Lawson)

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