Doctor Who OOAK dolls: Ten and Rose

 photo IMG_5716M.jpg
Here they are, wonderfully awkward Ten & Rose. Seems like they’ve misplaced the Tardis?
 photo IMG_5719.jpg

Fashionista Ken (Ryan) doll was repainted and dressed as the Tenth Doctor, while a Bratz doll got full makeover to become his Rose Tyler.

 photo IMG_5557mp.jpg
#selfie #OMG #TheDoctorTakingALeak #WTF
 photo IMG_5715.jpg Rose is kind of cute I think, definately improved from the Bratz face, not sure about the guy. Not David Tennant by far, looks maybe more like Hugh Jackman, or I don’t know, he reminds me of someone but can’t put a name on it…
 photo IMG_5713.jpg


Making of Rose in this post
Making of Ten in this post

 photo IMG_5713.jpg

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