Doctor Who – 10th Doctor Custom Doll mark I

 photo IMG_5711M.jpg
First male doll re-paint! I actually sow 11th Doctor’s coat a while back, but decided that Rose Tyler bratz doll needed her Doctor first.
So, this Ken/Ryan doll got, mostly because of the hair:

 photo IMG_5413.jpg
 photo IMG_5458.jpg Adding some blush,
 photo IMG_5460-1.jpg Trying to make his eyes appear more round.
 photo IMG_5480-1.jpgIt’s obvious his upper lip is too full (and face too long and nose and and oh well) so I tried file  the lip a bit.

 photo IMG_5502.jpg After a while, it’s obvious it lacks resemblance. I am just not good enough at painting dolls yet. Also, the doll face is just too long to accommodate David Tennant’s features naturally (wow, quite a transform since those creepy 80’s short faced Kens!) But well, better than nothing I guess…

 photo IMG_5547mp.jpg Well, glasses help a bit, and adding sideburns 🙂
 photo IMG_5709m.jpg aaaa what is this nonsense with time paradoxes in Star Trek!!!
 photo IMG_5710m.jpg Clothing handcrafted by me. He’ll be off to adventure a bit with Rose, phots will be contined…


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