Rococo underpinnings in miniature size

 photo msdkfoumllhsf.jpg

I sew historical (mainly rococo/18th century, but sometimes medieval, regency and victorian pop up) clothing in human size, so I thought if it would be too difficult to sew underpinnings in Barbie size. Here are my first succesful drafts:

I know bloomers are 19th century, not 18th but they look cute here despite the time paradox

Tricky to sew? Yes. Impossible? Nothing is impossible!

I am still working on how to make perfect tabs and straps on the tiny corset without it meaning hours of tiny stitching by hand. Also, as Barbie’s figure can’t be altered by corsetry, it means some padding to be done on mid-19th century styles is needed… or having to only use old wasp waisted Barbies (I’m sorry, I love modern fashionistas/bellybuttons so much more than the old, hip-less broadchested figures)
And if you wonder about those strange boxes, they are called “pocket hoops” a type of pannier that are essential in accomplishing the distinctive Rococo shape of wide hips:

 photo paneir.jpg

Tiny tabs! And here’s the first on sale


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